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A man was a time who lived in a civilization, isolated in an island, where the custom, the tradition and the belief of the local people determined that from the adult age, until the death, its inhabitants were obliged to load, diuturnamente, a cross in its coasts. That one that did not mark this determination was punished and banishes from the island; he delivers to the perigos of the sea. This man occurs specifically that, lived complaining of of the weight of its cross, constantly. He was always comparing the size and the weight de a Cruz who was obliged to always load with the cross of the too much people and complaining that its most weighed age. Nothing it made and nothing it made during its entire life, in its proper benefit, nor neither in benefit of the next one, therefore its great concern while still alive, always was the weight of its cross. The time was passing and the man had an idea. Day after day it started to remove small chips de a Cruz, of form to reduce its size and to become has more led it. As it removed small chips, practically imperceptible, the reduction of the weight of its cross was not noticed for the too much inhabitants of the island and consequently it never was punished. Throughout its life it removed as much and as many small chips that the size of its cross was scrumbled almost for the half. It occurs that the day of its death arrived and as was the belief of the local civilization, the deceased would have to load and to present its crosses in the sky. Coming across with the doors of the sky the man it sighted an angel who kept the entrance and was soon saying... Continue reading
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When a crisis comes the first reactions of the High Administration or Managements normally point a: not to invest, reduction of expenses, reduction of personnel, preservative contraction of lines of products and measures. Are these actions the correct ones? The answer will depend on the final mission that persecutes the company that faces a crisis; defining crisis like one of the following: remarkable loss of participation of market, fall of prices, fall in volume of sales, entrance of foreign or but strong competitors, consolidation of a local competitor and/or loss of strong clients. That effect has the measures taken hastily before the crises? We can mention: Definitive loss of the participation of market, loss of credibility before clients and suppliers, loss of important human resource with experience and loss of opportunities of new businesses. But that we do before a crisis? Many we are surprised when somebody says to us, if the market is depressed and his business is in crisis: you must invest. It is an expression that we can resist saying it: He is crazy? He wants that he invests today that I am in crisis to lose more? No, my dear reader. When a market is in crisis not only affects you to him, you affect the rest of competitors, therefore the one that develops the best STRATEGY of Crisis will be the one that survives and gains the market. (The unique exception is if you or the Administration already decided to leave the business). We mention some recommendable alternatives and actions before a crisis: 1. It does not stop investing. Nontenth that invests enough, only that does not have to stop investing. It does not stop renewing the machinery, to update the systems, acquisition of equipment for new products or projects. 2. If Evale is going... Continue reading
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To be sure of the correct way of training in the gym, it is necessary to examine 7 Deadly Sins beginner bodybuilder. Mistake 1. Too low intensity. An absolute majority is not even engaged suspect that the bar of their working weight is actually much higher. Low intensity in this case because the fans, unlike the professionals, not competing. As a result, the training does not interfere with the main catalytic motifs of the psyche: the desire to prove himself, the desire to get ahead of rivals, not to let the team. Many naively deceived themselves, naively believing that the train to the limit. Solution: You need a partner approximately equal to you by the forces that will bring to the training the missing element of competition, or even better - competitor coach who experienced in achieving real results. Mistake 2. Excessive training weight. One of the main tenets of fitness reads: "Better Fewer, but better quality." It is understood that much cheaper and more efficient to do more repetitions with moderate weight and proper technique, rather than struggling to shake under excessively heavy rod, trying to overpower sverhves. So just put yourself at unnecessary risk of injury. Solution: Do exercises to measured. Follow the correct technique for a duration set (of hours). Be sure to avoid 'cheating' - it's when, during the exercise, you help yourself all over. Otherwise work will not be those muscles that are running the exercise. Mistake 3. The absence of a diary. Diary on training is extremely important attribute. Continue reading
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Marina N. Toscano Summary the objective of this article is to show the importance of the ecosystem of manguezais and to present the types of fens. Introduction the majority of the people who live of the manguezais does not know the extreme importance that this ecosystem presents. the manguezais are nurseries and hbitats of many species of marine and terrestrial beings. Therefore the preservation and consientizao of this ecosystem are more than important, half of the population is essential for more than that from there takes off its sustenance that is 95% of the littoral communities among others. The fen is composed for only three types of trees (Rhizophora mangle? fen-brave or red, schaueriana Avicena? fen-seriba or seriba? racemosa Laguncularia? fen-white) Red Fen - Rhizophora mangle the name of the tree thus is given therefore, when its rind is scraped, it presents a colored coloration typical of the species. The breath of the plant is made through rizforos, that also assist its sustentation. species multiplies through seeds (propgulos) that they still germinate imprisoned to the plant-mother, increasing the possibilities of the species if to propagate. Fen Preto or Seriba - schaueriana Avicena the fen-black color presents structures of breath called pneumatforos, that are roots that grow in a system to radicular and that later they go up, being above of the ground, thus assisting the breath of the tree. Moreover, the fen-black color has specialized structures called salt glands, that thus are called by the fact excretar the salt that is absorbed by the plant. White fen - racemosa Laguncularia pecolo of its leves is red and presents salt glands what it makes with that through the leaf can be observed small portions of salt, what facilitates the identification of the plant and the type of fen. Continue reading
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This is something extremely reasonable that you must understand, while more Visitors make arrive at their Web site but Possible sales you will have and the value of the same to sell publicity every day would increase. It is by that many Web sites are generating succulent income in Internet with only " To attract Trafico" , where they can add to publicity of Google adsense well and receive by advertising click and also to publish banners of other companies by a period of established time. We are going To put an example on the Social Networks, in this Facebook case that is one of the networks that but are being used by the users and who every day its growth in the network is immense. This social network as all, monthly feeds the pockets on million dollars because they have secured to Great companies that sponsor this social network in exchange for publicity for all users, and since they have obtained this? , Solely by the Great Traffic of visits that receive on a daily basis (million) and by the amount of users whom this network contains. Recently I arrive the News from the value of a Web site that exceeds the $136.000 dollars and that for sale is, the impressive thing for my of this are that it is not a Professional Web site, but the traffic that receives on a daily basis very good and is elevated simply because all their content is Gratuitous and draws attention to million people in the network. But without Selling no Product in specific east Site, by his Great traffic that receives it has found good sponsoring interested in adding banners advertising within the same, which this generates thousands of dollars to the month. This has become Formula in Internet: TRAFFIC... Continue reading
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5.1. subject and purpose of the game "Nine" cue ball and nine numbered balls (1 to 9). At each stroke of the cue ball must first touch the ball with the lowest number on the table, it is not necessary to score in the pocket the balls in order of priority. If a player legally pockets a ball, it continues its approach to the table as long as no misses, or does not make a mistake (foul), or does not win the game, scoring in the pocket ball number "9". After misses the opponent enters the player begins his approach to the remaining position on the table, and after a foul by a player can begin his approach hit with "hand", placing the cue ball anywhere on the table. Players are not required to order any blow. The match ends when one player wins a set number of parties. 5.2. disposition balls object balls are arranged in a diamond shape with the ball number "1", located on the top of the diamond and mounted on the rear point ball number "9", located in the center of the diamond, and the remaining balloons, set in a random order, the balls must be pressed together as tightly as possible. The game starts with a bang with "hands" of the zone "Home". 5.3. sequence robbery winning roll of the player has the right to decide whether to break the pyramid itself or give the opponent the first robbery. In a game of "Nine", winner of last game breaks in the next, unless otherwise indicated a specific tournament organizers. Continue reading
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In the latter, the plurality occurs when the trial has already begun to avail various subjects, by the phenomenon of third party intervention in two ways: joint litigation related counterclaim, accumulation and process domain or third party with better title. The joint litigation extension can be absolute or partial extension, according to the application community outreach to all aspects of litigation, or any of its facets, respectively. In turn, that the Attorney partial extension on community can be with or contradiction in the first case partial extension will be released from any relationship of confrontation. For example, if the insurer to enter the lawsuit in full agreement with the nominations of the insured to the extent of insurance, but not participate in the proceedings as to what level exceeding said. Change the question whether a co-parties show similarities with another while contradictions in other ways, for example, the same insurer that postulates with the same meaning in relation to the amounts and items covered by what the insurer, but disagrees with him as could claim that the first he must answer for the total amount is being sought. 1.4.3. RANKING IN THE CIVIL PROCEDURE CODE joint litigation could be: 1 .- Active: Plurality of people as plaintiffs, 2 .- Passive: Plurality of persons as defendants, 3 .- Mixed: When there is plurality of plaintiffs and defendants more persons. The Civil Procedure Code defines as "joint litigation, when two or more persons jointly litigate, as plaintiffs or defendants, which has a same claim, their claims are related or that the sentence issued in respect of a prejudicial to the other. Continue reading
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Laying ties begins with the preparation of the base. If a future screed will be a smooth concrete floor with a smooth cement surface, then for a firm grip on ties with the foundation must first be roughening of the surface roughness of mechanically or with concrete contact. Previously it is important to close all the gaps between walls and slabs of cement-sand mortar or putty, to remove grease and oil stains, remnants other materials, dust-free. You must then apply the primer deep penetration that will not only ensure better adhesion, but also to prevent water penetration into the ground. After that will be seal the walls and bottom of the walls to prevent moisture penetration, the upper edge of the insulation should be 15 cm above the level .V depending on the type of floor covering and the required quality surface for laying ties may include the following materials: screeds, dry mixes for self-leveling floors, cellular, lightweight concrete, cement-sand mortar. The choice of material also depends on the thickness of the future Ties and duration of exposure before being packed cover. Duration of hardening ties depends on its thickness, from which it is made and the type of flooring. Thus, the cement-sand mortar harden in 28 days. Pouring and leveling compounds contain various polymer additives, which influence the solidification, so the process can take anywhere from 24 hours up to a month. Ties depends on the thickness of what it is placed, what material holds a floor covering will then be selected. In any case, the minimum thickness of screed is 5 cm in this case it strengthens fittings or metal mesh. For the immediate strengthening ties apply different types of impregnations and ground depending on the purpose of sex and grade of concrete used in the material for... Continue reading
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In order to make a ceiling made of plasterboard, we need the following: Tools. Water level, hammer, screwdriver or electric drill, angle measure twice for right angles, a knife for drywall, fishing line. Materials. Dowel nails, best 6 x 60 mm, 4 mm screws on the metal, the so-called "Seeds" screws for plasterboard, U-shaped pendants, ceiling profiles UD (28-27 mm) and SD (60h27 mm). And the actual ceiling drywall sheet 1200 * 2500 * 9 mm. If the profiles are smaller than the length or width room, you must purchase low elements. This can ask the seller-adviser. The ceiling can be single storey and three-tiered chetureh. For illustrative purposes, consider making a two-tier ceiling. First level. 1. Determination of the horizontal. Be measured height in all corners of the room. Choose the lowest angle, retreating down 4-5 cm and with a water level mark making. Then, using paint repel the cord line previously defined standards. So how do the ceiling of plasterboard for the first time we have at this stage suggest to approach the work very seriously. As they say, look before you leap! 2. Through the profile of drill holes in the wall for dowels, and then fasten it to the UD-profile (28-27 mm). 3. On the ceiling, holding the parallel lines in increments of 60 cm by the lines held on the dowel screw the nails of our U-shaped mounting hangers. 4. We stretch the line and on it at with screws anchoring the SD profiles for suspension. If the length of the room longer than the profiles, then build them using the previously acquired to connect the elements. Between the longitudinal profiles of the transverse ribs must be secured rigidity. If you plan on mounting fixtures, but he probably will, at this stage should be icing... Continue reading
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Today, the construction of tall buildings characterized by the use of bulk construction products. Prompt delivery of foam concrete blocks can provide both producers and companies involved in the implementation of this products. The use of these products significantly reduces time-consuming, labor, and therefore money. They are made mostly of ordinary heavy and light concrete. By appointment to his foam concrete blocks produced for the exterior and interior walls. The first of these is subdivided by structural elements. They are prostenochnymi, corner, parapet, peremychechnye, eaves, basement. The extent of their hardiness must be at least 25 SSE, and basements - no less than 35. In structure they are hollow and solid, one-, two-, and three layers. Outside, concrete blocks have a special decorative layer. On the inside of their covered with a layer plaster. Finish their outer surface produce a layer of a decorative solution, stain-resistant dye-or opening the concrete structure percussion instrument. Foam blocks provide building a reliable thermal insulation for many years. The most important thing that this material is not limited shelf life. Despite its durability, these products also, and still relatively lightweight, making them easier to transport. It is a quality, affordable, and very promising construction material, has virtually no drawbacks. To obtain prefabricated products are used in the manufacture of reinforced concrete - heavy, light and heat insulation concrete. Feature requirements for them is that their weight-loss structures are made of material not less than 200 marks, and of the lung, including cellular grade no lower than 50. In the factory-applied powerful forms mechanisms that can be used to make products hard mixture. This not only reduces the demand for cement, but also significantly shortens the manufacturing cycle due to more rapid hardening of the hard concrete mixtures. All the world is not forever ...... Continue reading
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Costs, which requires cleaning of the apartment-house is more than covered the cost that requires cleaning the apartment spetsilistami cleaning company. Here, Gold Star expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Cleaning of the apartment - the correct allocation of time in fact is the following. Since time is money and in fact tantamount to the same extent and on the contrary, one can safely say that orienting means financial costs to the extent to which requires the cleaning of the apartment, we get: a) a lot of free time b) to be together with loved ones in) health and of course, benefit both the facts of the matter - cleanliness, warmth and comfort after a tidying-up done, and the relative, which is expressed in the component that we need at the moment: the time when I was done cleaning the apartment we were able to a) rest and gain new energy b) engage in work, thus recoup the costs and actually reassigning its activities in a natural and interesting in their own businesses) to engage in health - go to the gym, swimming pool, do yoga, dance and aerobics, walk, take children to solve their pressing business, and many other things that have long wanted to do. And at this time will be done cleaning. Agree, nice. By itself, cleaning the apartment - interesting process, we can deal with their own stuff, the subject of frequent use, furniture and other components of our daily and joy. Cleaning of the apartment gives a feeling of flight, of love for his home. Ordering. But also fraught with many dangers. Who knew that during the harvest kvartry necessarily need to follow safety rules - wear protective goggles and masks, gloves and means of preventing the ingress Chlorine fumes or fine particles, which... Continue reading
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The most titled club in Russia, oddly enough, was not the first champion. Generally, to play basketball cska did not start as the Central Army Sports Club, and as the Central Red Army House. However, the club was founded in 1924 year - four years before the foundation of the respective Houses. To win the championship for the first time the ussr championship in a game of basketball cska took 7 years. For the first time the army team won the All-Union Championship in 1945, which was very, very symbolic. In the next two years in basketball cska played a little less bright, which resulted in the 2 nd place in 1946 and the third - in 1947. Later, in fact, the whole team went into the Air Force Club of wmo, the newly organized Vasily Stalin, and several years as a contender for the 'gold', but the team wins the son of the Leader and not scored. In 1960 cdka was still cska Moscow, and another decade later, a team led by Alexander Gomelsky, under the strict guidance of which cska won 9 (!) titles. In 1980, the Gomel was succeeded by his disciple Yuri . Under him the club won the championship of the Soviet Union still 7 times. Already in the Russian championship record of Gomel repeated Stanislav Eremin: bright basketball cska Moscow in the 1992-2000-m - is entirely to his credit. Further, followed by two disastrous seasons in a row (2001-2002), when cska lost their medals. However, in the period from 2002 to 2008-th years of the army team again won the titles one by one others. cska is also a 6-time winner of the tournament, which is now called the Euroleague, a 3-fold the Cup of Russia and empionom nebl. Continue reading
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Yes they found him at all? However, it does not matter. Even if you do not go into detail with metal detector at the swamp, it makes an impression. Especially when they found him in December 2008, fully restored and put in order. It took only two months! You can be sure - the newborn in two steps. And here's another exhibit: Army armored truck during the Second World Chevrolet. Of course the Lend-Lease. As much as want to speculate about how the U.S. economy , while 'we have killed people. " All true, but designers themselves are dealt with very different thoughts: what would this do to increase the survivability of their products in combat conditions, even for a moment. Because adding a minute, the overall vitality of the fourth hour - enough for the task. But there are people and not feel like that they would suffocate in all this armor. Therefore, designers invented an armored vent! On the inside of her piece is welded fittings with finger-thick - otherwise it will not close the pane weighs as much as a car battery. You can certainly make a joke on 'and heated seats there the same book? ", but somehow did not feel like it. Of course, there are those who say that saw it all a thousand times. We know these fans tell 'And I myself three tanks. In the yard stand. " Well, yes, of course, a light tank in the back compartment, and heavy - wagon. What did you come here, just so clever. In fact, the show must go, replacing a negative to a positive filter. Then open the true picture of what is happening. Here's a young couple: they are so merry, all mixed up, trying to cuddle and be photographed together. They... Continue reading
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Section 95 of the Code provides that the court is obliged to order the integration of co-parties to the process required when the claim or its defense appears as obvious that the decision to fall on the sentence will affect . The necessary co-parties is evident from the substantial legal relationship and if the judge, calling the demand and response notes that there needed to co-parties are not involved in the claim or are not considered to be all defendants, and also lacks information regarding the co-parties that do not appear necessary to the process or are sued, the judge has the power to return the application to provide data that these co-parties that have not been considered as plaintiffs or defendants. The return of the application is for co-parties to integrate the process and is necessary to constitute the juridical proceedings valid, since in any case, if it was not deemed necessary to co-parties, the procedural law relationship is not perfect, and Judge may not issue a ruling on the merits of the dispute. Read additional details here: Obama. If these applications were to demand and then order a party or the same judge warns that actually fails to appear or a summons is not necessary co-parties after notice of the claim in a reasoned decision the court has suspended the process until to establish the relationship valid legal proceedings. Interpretive analysis of the rules required that the Attorney General establishes, they can be integrated into the process, even after having undergone the hearing test, and that Article 96 of the Civil Procedure Code provides that if at the time of integration and the hearing was conducted tests and incorporated as one of the co-parties, offers evidence, the judge must note the date and time for an additional hearing... Continue reading
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But almost every other will complain to the problem of mail delivery - there are glitches, letters may be delayed for nearly day. So, what I'm getting at? If you have about this case - have a website on your own domain, but there are not using the mail for one reason or another, for example, prefer the same Gmail. There is an option for free, by the way, 'Tie' mail it to your domain Not trivial forwarding (which is actually a variant of the same, but better suited for masochists), and the full work of your mail server via Gmail-ah! Ie your mailboxes of the form does not use e-mail server, your host, but completely official - Google's servers. Once again you can use a familiar Web-based Gmail-a, or swing-sent via e-mail client - POP3 has not been canceled. Your Correspondent of course do not see - they come up with a mail address. And go there too. What are the advantages of this option I see? You are using the power of email service Gmail for e-mail for your domain: a convenient and rich web-based, anti-spam, POP3 and imap protocols, and much more. Can use up to 50 boxes of his domain, with the disk quota of each have 7 gb! (Let's just say - not every runetovsky hoster offers this for your mail when you buy hosting, or rather, not for each subscription package.) It is easy to set up a single corporate Web-based interface, the address for example. Continue reading
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Spanish-speaking to learn them English one takes control easier now of the amount of resources that exist nowadays. The Internet offers an efficient and simple way to study English by its account or to reinforce the knowledge that learn in a school or one of so many programs in CDs or DVDs that exist in the market. Often the courses or programs available are done generally for people of any maternal language who want to learn English, is not common to find pages designed specifically for those who speak Spanish: for that the Web site has been created, where the approximated articulation even offers the translation to the Spanish and as it would be said with the phonetics of our language, for those Spanish-speaking that wants to learn English at a basic level, or those that are prepared for the interview of citizenship in the EE.UU. Although it can be easier to learn and to retain a second language from small, those that are interested? in learning more ahead English in the life they do not have to lose heart. In fact, whichever major is a person, more evident becomes the necessity to know English. We consider the following cases in which the dominion of the English language is crucial for the success: To obtain a use in a country of English speech, or to have to interact frequently with its colleagues who speak English. With the increase of the commerce between the countries, in the businesses people hope that she speaks more of a language with the purpose of to guarantee the accomplishment of a transaction. This means that the English as second language more and more common and is waited for in the enterprise community. Any person who dumb to a country of English speech will have... Continue reading
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The anatomy of a flower reproductive structure provides for flowering plants. Thus the anatomy of the flower is ready to produce seeds through sexual reproduction, because the flower structure is composed of both sexes, so thanks to the anatomy of the flower, the same can fertilize the ovary, thanks pollination. The anatomy of the flower, is the result of a modified branch usually consists of four whorls or floors, consisting of several modified leaves, which are called antofilos. Among the various components that are part of the anatomy of the flower are: The perianth: the anatomical component of the flower represents the non-reproductive. Another is comprised of: The corolla is formed by the petals of the flower, which are components of colorful flowers, is a party which means more in regard to the quality ornamental. The specific role of petals in the anatomy of the flower is to attract the pollinators through their fragrance. The calyx is the green of the flowers and is one of the elements with a stronger consistency. His pieces are called sepals. Sometimes the flower petals and sepals of the same color, so the whole set is called tepals. The androecium: represents within the anatomy of the flower the male component. Its structure is formed by the stamens. Each stamen is divided into two parts: The core is an elongated sheet at the end has a small pouch, which contains the pollen. The anther is the same bag that sits on top of the filament, which contains the pollen grains. The gynoecium: contains the carpel and in speaking of this part of the anatomy flora, refers to the female part of the flower and thus giving way to play. In the case of a modified leaf, but still retains the green color of the plant.... Continue reading
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Proper New Affiliate to receive from the affiliate program with a maximum profit, you need to know a few simple things. Surely you have repeatedly encountered the phrase on the Internet 'Partnership program '. 'Sell our product and get up to 50% on sales', 'Engage other partners and earn interest on their sales', etc. It is possible that you already participate in one of these programs. We consider the normal case where have a good product (for example, take the video course), who claimed, normally sold. The site author has an offer to sell this course for the affiliate program. Usually need to register to receive affiliate link to place it on your site. All sales by following the link brings you income in the form of commissions. Affiliate programs can be divided into single-level and multi-level (what to do, without a theory can not do). One-tier affiliate program where everything is clear and transparent. For every sale through your affiliate link you are entitled to a fixed percentage commission (usually between 25-40%). Two-tier affiliate and more In multi-level program you get a program a percentage of sales, you attract partners. Many people like to just such a multi-level scheme. One gets the impression that it is enough to attract partners and most 10-20 You can not strain. Not so simple. But first things first. Terms. Partner without intermediaries - is a partner of the first level. Partner, attracted by the partner of the first level - a partner in the second level, etc. Continue reading
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The design of the main rotor profile is designed so that the whole incident on the surface of the facade moisture is removed in the drainage, excluding contact with a heater and the wall of the building - thermal insulation. Excessive accumulation of heat inside the building prevents the combined use of a special profile systems for ventilated facades, which allows a large extent reduce the cost of energy for heating, as well as to reduce the thickness of bearing walls, reducing the load on the foundation. In ventilated facades and insulation moisture balance as provided in the summer and in winter weather and under adverse conditions, construction - thermal deformation. Thanks to a specially designed circuit assembly and fastening to the wall, the profile system mounted Facade has the possibility of absorption of thermal deformations arising from daily and seasonal temperature changes. This helps to avoid internal stresses in the material lining and support structure - fire security. System suspended facades include materials and articles belonging to the category of flammable or combustible difficult, preventing the spread of fire. - Diffusion of water vapor. Water vapor, resulting in the walls of the building during its operation, are removed by natural ventilation system under suspended facades, thus substantially improving the insulating properties of walls, providing a comfortable temperature inside the building. - Sound. The combined use of ventilated facades and heat insulation are excellent sound insulation, as facing the panel and the heat insulator has sound-absorbing properties over a wide frequency range. Continue reading
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As Almeida (2002), is important to detach the potential of the ED with support in digital and interactive environments of learning for the representation of the thought of the apprentice and the communication of its ideas, as well as for the individual and collective production of knowledge. Due to characteristic of the related one with making, to review and to remake continuous, the error can be dealt with as object analysis and reformularization. Almeida and the Prado (2003) analyze an experience of resolution of problems in colaborativos groups that exclusively interact by means of a digital environment of interaction and learning and evidence the potential of these environments for the procedural evaluation and auto-evaluation. It is important to understand that the challenges of the ED are congruentes with the challenges of the educational system in its totality, whose analysis implies in analyzing that education if intends to carry through, for who if dirige, with who it will be developed, with the use of which technologies and which the boardings more adjusted to speed up the process of social inclusion of the Brazilian population. DEVELOPMENT the integration of traditional medias of mass - radio and television, with the improvement in the rapidity of distribution of materials printed matters for the post office, had in the distance provoked the expansion of the education from education centers and production, which emits the way information uniform for all the pupils, who receive the productions from the senders, study the received concepts, carries through the considered exercises and they send to the responsible agencies for the course for evaluation and emission to them of new modules of content. Although the education in the distance carried through through half conventionals of transmission makes it difficult the establishment of Inter-relations between sender and receiver, process and product... Continue reading
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Culture exists and develops its many subcultures that make up part of her body and interact with each other. Through the process of marginalization that occurs in the body of subcultures enriched general cultural artifacts and fund of meanings, opening up new opportunities, new solutions to problems. Developing a culture relies on this mechanism, the diffusion of cultural meanings and artifacts inside the body culture. However, it is possible that cultural development is impossible - it ceases to be coherent, or becomes a monolith, they can not develop further. These problems are associated with the balance of marginal and commonplace in the culture. Imbalance in the quality of side dominance everyday is usually associated with secularization of culture, "growing into everyday life, in general, that is referred to as" philistinism ". For the average layman is not important any transformation of the global political arena, nor the disaster in Haiti (since it resides, for example, in the U.S.), nor hunger riots in Nigeria. He does not really matter, because it is enclosed in own, very cozy world, the alpha and omega which is a refrigerator and television. If the culture begins to move along this path of development, the subculture will soon become useless to man, the state must only to establish effective systems for maintenance of life of the average individual. And it is precisely these mechanisms are to maintain such a person subcultures, which are separated from him unbridgeable gulf TV screen or smiling manager - the boundary between the absolute uselessness of each other. For the layman bank employee probably a member of a mysterious sect, than the object of active communication and reflection. Continue reading
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It would seem that in these first months of 2008, the exporting activity in Colombia became a risk activity. Fortunately, the strength of the Colombian economy helps to cushion the negative effects from the outside and that is what see also the risk assessment which are not thinking about modifying the note from Colombia. You will find us again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo and start earning with them today! But returning to Colombia and its complicated external scenario, Uribe's Government has decided to implement some measures to alleviate the problems of competitiveness of Colombian companies before the strong appreciation of the type of cambo real. The adoption by the Committee on trade and tariffs of Colombia for six months of a tariff of zero for the import of raw materials that Colombia does not produce seeks to reduce inflationary pressures and improve the competitiveness of enterprises through the reduction of its costs of production. And to avoid an unequal competition, the Committee decided to control imports of footwear and clothing coming from China. To counteract the excess supply of dollars, the Colombian Government is seeking to also encourage the purchase of dollars to curb the appreciation of the peso which accumulates a 7% nominal appreciation in so far this year. We should expect to see the impact of these measures in the export sector, but at first glance Horacio Daniel Pozzo is degree in economics and master's degree in economics - both studies at the National University of La Plata (UNLP)-. Since 1999 and for three years he did work of planning and financial management in the private sector. He then worked as a researcher for the Center for the financial stability where he participated in research projects for the World Bank, the Embassy of Great Britain, the IDB, CAF, among... Continue reading
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Until then, you will think that the English - an incredibly complex language. Although, as you well know, and the whole world thinks is incredibly difficult it is Russian. So, bottom line: if you're not too well aware of Russian grammar, came to the English courses, expect setbacks or start quickly complete their education and learn grammatical terms. So you can at least understand as linking words in English sentences. However, knowledge of grammar - not a guarantee of success. Another scourge of learning English is that many never learn to think on it, and build a phrase first in Russian, more mentally disassemble the proposal to members (subject, verb, etc.), determine the grammatical categories of words (noun, verb, adjective), and then remember the rules for constructing proposals in English, translate all the words, and only then give thought aloud. The human mind - a very fast car. And this whole bunch of operations it can carry less than a minute. However, if you face a business partner and close - your competitor, then those seconds would be enough to lose the fight for getting the contract. How to win? Learn to speak and immediately think in English. It is possible. So you learn the native language in childhood. Similarly, you can learn English while studying the course English as a second language (ESL) in applied education. The word second but the basic meaning of the "second account" also has another meaning. It is not something Ford Cars would like to discuss. That is, a different value, and we mean when we talk about course esl - English as a second mother tongue. It's as if you were living with parents who were born in different countries and know two different languages. You, on the childhood talking to them in... Continue reading
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E.P. The woman received a kick in the chest just after the outrage. Shot it is a friend of the victim inside the bus. The driver also suffers anxiety, according to the Monh company. The bus has a security camera that filmed what happened. A 19 year old dies run by a bus in Barcelona. The driver of the bus of the night N-12 line Wednesday fatally struck a young man of 19 years in Barcelona is low by the assault he suffered just after the accident and anxiety. . As reported by company sources Mohn, concessionaire of this line that goes up to Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona), women received a kick in the chest just after the outrage, on the avenida Diagonal, which shot him a friend of the victim inside the bus. The woman is not entered in the hospital, although it has a strong blow, according to the cited source, who has explained that she was assaulted in the middle of the confusion generated by the accident. At the moment, the company will not take no action to conclude the research being done by the Guardia Urbana, mentored by investigating court number 8 in Barcelona, although up to is collaborating in investigations. The bus occurred where everything has a security camera that filmed what happened, images that are already being tested by police. The company does not account with private security but since March it has cameras in all their night buses and a system of direct communication with the exchange of transport, that the day of the event used the driver at all times. According to Mohn, night bus, like other transportation in this Schedule service, has more risk of that riots or acts of vandalism occur although they are isolated incidents. They rebuked the... Continue reading
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The preparation work before starting The crusher gangue crusher equipment is important for power generation companies to deal with pulverized coal products, which is not only used to professionally crush pulverized coal products, but also can be used in cement, metallurgy, chemical and milling system of other related industries. Of course, this equipment is most used in crushing coal of all kinds of hardness, which is the necessary equipment in the production of coal. We can see the gangue crusher both in the factories specializing in the production of coal and places that make coal as the main material and have great demand. Therefore, for a better operation of the crusher, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery will describe the preparations for you before starting. 1.Examining carefully whether each part is in good condition, all the connectors that are tight and obstacles exist in the conveying part. 2.Checking that whether there s stone or iron ore in the crushing chamber. The foreign substance like pray must be cleared away to make sure that the crusher get started in a non - load condition. 3.Checking the auxiliary equipments such as the feeder, belt conveyer, electric equipment and the signal device that whether they are in good condition. 4.Examining that whether the size of the discharge opening complies with the production process requirement. 5.Examining the oil level and oil temperature in the tank, using heating equipment to heat the oil up to 20 degree when the temperature is pretty low due to cold winter. 6.Checking the lubrication equipment and the condition of the oil pump motor and the motor crusher IsLocked. After finished the foregoing inspection and making sure that everything is well-conditioned, then the crusher can be started via the starting procedure. High speed operation of the crusher in the Domestic crusher market... Continue reading
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