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I look at those Gmail icons and say "Whoopdeedoo!". Do I really care that the space on which I pressed my index finger is packed with more pixels? No. I get my email either way. My iPad 1 is just as useful a book reader or Netflix viewer. (Sure the camera is nice but...) It's like when you're reclining in a theater seat watching the latest blockbuster. The great new CGI effects will wow you up to a point, but there still has to be a story. Those super crisp pages of the ebook I'm reading still have to convey some useful content. What made tablets great, even revolutionary, wasn't the awesome display. It was a new form of human interface. Fingertips replaced the mouse and the keyboard... well, to be honest I couldn't have created this post without a keyboard. I agree with Castaa. Once they perfect voice to text, we'll really be rocking.
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2012 on Welcome to the Post PC Era at Coding Horror
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Mar 19, 2012