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I spent 15 years of my life in the news industry, including writing and content production. While NEWS/information may be free - the writing, reporting and processing that go into providing news to the consumer is NOT FREE. No matter where on the web you are, someone - an actual breathing person - wrote or produced what you are consuming. They deserve to be compensated for their work. I don't think the current state of pay-walls is the best solution, but in most cases, online advertising is just not enough to pay the bills. So they are doing the best they can. Giving you a teaser to get you interested, giving you the basic info, and hopefully turning you into a subscriber or at least selling the story. Sounds familiar to the providing free content, observations and exclusive audio on this site to promote the purchase and sale of your fine books. I don't expect your books to be free just because they (can be) are digital; and I surely don't expect quality reporting and writing to be free on the internet as well. When it is free, its awesome. But if its something I like, I will pony up, and support the creator.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2011 on paywalls are stupid, part infinity at WWdN: In Exile
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Jan 31, 2011