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Another open-source firmware, Gargoyle-router, also has an excellent QoS implementation and adds quotas and really easy-to-use access restriction features. Very handy if your ISP traffic is not unlimited and various family members keep blowing it. @Anon anon, Gargoyle's QoS does work for inbound traffic, so you can stop the kid's downloads from lagging your games (for example!).
@Juhani I much prefer the website version as well, and don't find the interface especially ugly either. There is much more screen real estate and the website makes good use of it, for example by having filter settings down the sidebar instead of hiding them behind a "Refine" or "Advanced" button. The eBay mobile apps really fall down when you go to view the listing details. Depending on the lister and their auction management software, some of them rely on Flash, and this is invisible on iDevices and doesn't seem to work very well on Android (at least in my browser it thinks I don't have Flash installed when I do). Others have a lot of custom HTML formatting which is either stripped out or rendered poorly in the mobile app. This is not the apps' fault, but it makes it impractical to use it to actually buy things on eBay.
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Apr 24, 2012