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Most email wallpaper strikes me the same as handprinted business cards or "business" email addresses that end in or In other words, the sender seems somewhat unsophisticated. I don't hate it, but it doesn't foster great confidence in the sender.
Typical e-cards do seem too easy, and they can't stand on my bookshelf or hang on a bulletin board. That doesn't mean e-offerings can't have a personal touch, though: A holiday computer wallpaper or smartphone app shows that the sender put some effort into the greeting. Make it downloadable with a link, not an email attachment, and your consideration shows even more. I'm 55, by the way.
Great points, well adapted to writing. I would only note that sometimes with point two the very opposite is true. That is to say, when a writing task seems too big to tackle, whittling away at the easy parts for awhile can make it seem less daunting and build some momentum to get over the hump.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2011 on Six keys to writing excellence at Time to Write
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Jul 27, 2011