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Yes, you can call it that. For produce: Iovine's year-round, Kauffman's Lancaster County in season (Iovine's excels in value for money) For fish: John Yi Specialty sausages: Martin's All other meats: Giunta's Prime Shop (Harry Ochs has the history and reputation, but again, Charlie Giunta does better on value for money) Places to eat, in roughly this order: DiNic's Roast Pork (you must have one of their roast pork Italian sandwiches [broccoli rabe & provolone], which beats cheesesteaks hands down), Delilah's at the Terminal (famous mac & cheese, almost beat Bobby Flay), Dutch Eating Place (great breakfast and apple turnovers), Pearl's Oyster Bar, Carmen's Hoagies & Cheesesteaks (if you need to try Philly's signature sandwich, theirs is the best in the RTM), Hatville Deli (Amish section) But really, there are very few duds at the RTM. Unfortunately, the Down Home Diner is currently undergoing renovations, but should be bigger and better when it reopens next month.
The Reading Terminal Market is truly the crossroads of the city. I've been shopping there ever since moving here 27 years ago, and it's at once enduring and always fresh and new. About the only public market I've been to that compares to it is the equally famous Pike Place Market in Seattle. Absolutely a must for any visitor who wants to understand what makes Philly tick, and how the city works -- sometimes in spite of itself.
Whatever this is, it is NOT "a clear sign of ongoing racism." In fact, I'm sorry to say, it's more likely a clear sign of historical ignorance. For most of the last 150 years, "Negro" was the term black Americans used to refer to THEMSELVES. It remains enshrined in the name of one of the biggest African-American charities, the United Negro College Fund. What we now call Black History Month was established by a black historian as Negro History Week. I could go on, but you get the idea. Many older blacks are still more comfortable with that term than with any of the terms that replaced it; as the Director's blog noted, in the last Census, these people checked "Other" and wrote in "Negro" on their forms. "Negro" has never been a derogatory term. The derogatory term beginning with "N" is a corruption of that word containing two g's and an i. One more thing: "Negro" is Spanish for "black." Please tell your friends.
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Apr 1, 2010