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Steve Smith
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You really should be encrypting web-sites that require login information, not every single web-site on the internet. I run a podcast, where you can subscribe using your own software like Miro, iTunes, etc... There is no point in encrypting the whole site, I might as well infect my own code, and pray all companies creating podcast catchers know what https is in the first place. Encrypt online stores, social networks, banks, and other web-sites that contain sensitive materials like e-mail. Leave the rest alone. Just sitting here and saying it should be all encrypted by default implies a lack of vision, and understanding of common practises in static and dynamic web-site programming. Static pages never needed to be encrypted, go ahead, steal my session on my podcast site, there is absolutely nothing to steal that isn't already meant to be downloaded. Now, if my bank wasn't encrypting my traffic, then I'd be pissed. What we need is an alternative to cookies that is both easy to implement, and program for. Cookies, as it stands now, can be invoked by javascript, or using server side coding that remains transparent to the user, and can't be deactivated by the browser, unless the server implicitly understands the do not track header. For those who want to see if your mobile apps are broadcasting your personal information, try sniffing you own traffic, you may be suprised how much or how little some mobile applications may broadcast. As for some startups not paying for the initial costs of an ssl certificate, I think it has more to do with not knowing how, or having an api instruction guide explaining how to do it. I have multiple developer licenses for numerous platforms, and I've only come across one api for ssl protocols. Try that on for size. Try blaming those not making the process easier for newer developers.
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Feb 24, 2012