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Novak started there with such promise and it all seemed to disintegrate in like 3 weeks. I wonder if he knew he was going to get canned so he took preemptive spite by trading LeToux?
Nice jump on that goal but, dear God that Canadian accent is grating.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2012 on Must-See Goal: Darren Mattocks at Soccer By Ives
Can we just agree that if someone is a potential American that they are not American enough to play for the US National Team? This debate is stupid. The only reason he's considering playing for another country is because it's too hard to play for England. FIFA needs to make some adjustments to there citizenship status requirements.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2012 on Report: Potts not eligible for USA at Soccer By Ives
Ugh... here's the option for the fans if you don't like what the league or team is doing... Don't go to the games. Guess what happens if that happens though, they move your team. It's a no win situation for fans.
just watched the highlights that handball in the box PK was an absolute gift. Second one might have been warranted.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2011 on Crew, Dynamo play to wild 2-2 draw at Soccer By Ives
One team race already? - Yes I'm with Beta, Barca is fun to watch but how can the LEAGUE be fun when it's always just Real or Barca? And no one try and give me any hooey about Valencia or Atletico being in the race.
agree but right place right time is a huge and he always seems to be at it. Also fakin the keeper ain't as easy as he always makes is look
When was the last time Messi didn't score?! Seriously the guys is a man among boys.
Why would anyone take Angel right now? conspiracy?
the Cosmos relaunch = FAIL - just stop whoever is behind this - time has past, let it go....
What are the odds that Jason Kreis is the next head coach because I am taking that bet.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2011 on Bradley fired as USA coach at Soccer By Ives
I AM SURPRISED BY THIS. Gulati grew a pair sometime in the last few weeks. Though he should have grown a brain before he extended his contract if this was going to be the course of action.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2011 on Bradley fired as USA coach at Soccer By Ives
Bad deal, unless they got a lot in money, hard to believe they gave up that international spot even if just for the rest of the season.
Bigger slap in the face to MLS or SKC?
DeMerit's retiring
in the same vain as this... Why does the MLS try and steal ideas and identities from other leagues around the world? Why can't they make their own traditions? Nix the Chivas name, move it to San Diego and make your own ego.
Only fire him if you can absolutely get someone better.
OK Tim, No biggie. We know you were hot from having to pick 4 balls out of your net, thanks to the likes of Bornstein, etc. Now either use this perceived slight as motivation to not let it happen again or forget about it.
Ain't nutin to hide y'all so why show up
Is Bob Bradley allergic to sports coats? He is consistently one of the most shabbily dressed coach out there.
Nice idea by Bradley on that shot
Some one please tell me they're recording this and can edit the best of the announcers into a youtube video. It'd be at least 15 minutes long.
Gotta love the DeRo vs Ream / teammate v teammate dynamic announcers - "Dude" , "go back to quoting Tupac" eck
Is there a Hockey game tonight? Where are the rest of the Canadian fans? Couldn't make it across the river there? It looks as if they brought only about 5000 people.
Actually the color guy isn't too bad - and the play-by-play guy's off cuff comments aren't terrible but his actual play calls need lots more practice