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What is this Chuck Box that you speak of? My troop has none of these and never will (tongue in cheek). Seriously, we won't, as our troop is a backpacking troop, and we carry our kitchens on our backs (as well as our bedroom and bathroom). I do have some "car camping" gear that I will lug on occasion, but that's only if we are defintely staying in a building or if we are camping a short walk from the parking lot. Great post and a lot of good links, thanks!
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Closed and secret are 2 separate things... The Scoutmaster shouldn't have the say into who can or can't attend...that is up to the PLC. If the PLC allows scouts and parents to sit in on meetings, to take notes, suggest ideas or offer advice, is that against what we are trying to teach? We, as adults, always want parent/adult input at the unit committee meetings, isn't a PLC along the same lines? Suggested solution...The Scoutmaster advises the PLC that it may be a good idea to allow anyone to attend, but if they are there to just observe, then that is what they do...observe. If they have a comment or idea, then they will have the floor for a predetermined amount of time. The time when they can speak, and how long they can speak, should be determined by the SPL/PLC.
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Feb 25, 2010