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@steven How can I say this politely? Just because you believe in something cooked up in the Bronze Age, that doesn't mean it's objectively true. Maybe Jehovah is the Real God and Zeus isn't...but your parroting some old book isn't final proof of anything. And, oddly enough, though you hark back to Old Testament prohibitions, Reform and Conservative Jews not only are not anti-gay, but support same-sex marriage. I don't know...maybe they're right about the modern application of Levitical law and you're not? Anyway, if you believe something is a sin - say working on the Sabbath or not honoring your parents - behave thusly. And if you feel something approved by the Bible - slavery, for example - is wrong...well, fella, you're on your own. But please do tell me why people like you are so focused on "sins of lust," while seeming not to care about sins like envy or gluttony? "Yeah, let's go to Chick-fil-A to protest them gays and stuff our fat faces with greasy chicken." Whatever. Maybe you and Ted Haggard should go have a chin-wag about sin.
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Aug 8, 2012