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Snake, >>>Rashard's is one of the worst contracts in the NBA. He is due $21M a year for >>>the next 2 years... You missed the point. I was listing players that teams might cut if there's an amnesty clause. Basically, they'd have to pay their salaries, but it would come off of the team's cap space. Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 09, 2011 at 08:43 AM --- Thanks for pointing that out. It's one of the perils of the occassional reader like myself, not being able to trace back the previous thread. Anyway, I recall that there was a similar rule back in 2005, the 'Allan Houston rule'. And the Lakers used it to get some relief on Brian Grant's horrendous contract.
@LRob2, TP's words bear credence if you watched the MEM-SAS playoff series. Marc Gasol was pushing Timmie around. There was one instance where Marc pushed Tim about 2 steps back, something that would not have happened 5 years ago. Marc owned Tim Duncan in that series.
@MM, I must be slow this morning; the humor escapes me.
It's not a logo, it's a horse hoof mark...or maybe it's a symbol for a club for "I haven't mastered the combover I am still in the cap phase of my life". Posted by: Humanomaly | June 08, 2011 at 09:30 PM --- That is so funny. I did a Google Images search for Jim Buss and Google did not return a single photo of him without a black cap on.
Does anyone know what is that logo on Jim Buss' black cap? He seems to wear that all the time.
Although a sniper like Rashard Lewis is interesting. Posted by: LRob2 | June 08, 2011 at 04:49 PM --- Rashard's is one of the worst contracts in the NBA. He is due $21M a year for the next 2 years...
If LBJ were playing with the Lakers, this blog would now be filled with demands for "LeBron has no heart, let's trade him for a young, quick point guard!"
dose anyone know if Pau is playing center for the Spain's national team? or is he a PF? Posted by: Tech N9ne | June 07, 2011 at 11:37 AM --- With Marc's better playoff performance, he probably gets the starting center role, with Pau at PF. It would interesting to see Spain's twin towers, the Gasols, playing together.
@LT, I am not sure if Flynn can be justifiably characterized as mediocre. His situation was like a round peg in a Triangle hole, a dominant penetrating PG who could not not fit in Kurt's version of the Triangle. He had a great career at Syracuse; his freshman performance was supposed to have been better than Carmelo's. Maybe our moderator from Syracuse could confirm this. MM?
Ah yes, Steel Magnolias and that memorable line: 'an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure'
Put Shaq on a 10-day contract and let him properly retire as a Laker.
@Nuggets, I guess the discussion whether Shaq's Laker jersey should be retired will fill this blog for the next few days...
Interesting points of view from the Cavs blog regarding MB hiring. These are insights from actual fans who have seen MB manage the the team in CLE:
Interesting points of view from the Cavs blog regarding MB hiring. These are insights from actual fans who have seen MB manage the the team in CLE:
"There's going to be more issues than simply making sure Bryant gets shots in his sweet spots." --- Kobe's sweet spot is anywhere past the half court line...
Looking back, Buss wonders if climbing the NBA mountain for a third consecutive season and advancing to a fourth Final in a row was just too daunting. "I think what I didn't take into account was how difficult it is to go to the Finals four times in a row," Buss said. "We won it twice, but we'd been in the Finals a year before that. That means we played something like a hundred more games than other people. "That took a toll." --- Posted by: latopia | May 31, 2011 at 09:17 PM --- Let's do a little math. Assume half of the 'something like a hundred more games' were played at Staples (probably a ltitle bit more since Lakers usually have homecourt advantage). That's something like 50 more games at Staples. The Lakers make about $2 M per playoff game at Staples. That's a cool $100M more 'than other people'. JB must be crying all the way to the bank.
@CCX, Brandon Roy at MLE is an interesting proposition. But how does that work? He has a guaranteed contract until 2014; if he retires, injury insurance kicks in to cover the remainder of his contract (if he is declared medically unfit). Can he 'un-retire' while still receiving insurance payments?
@CCX, "I guess we can all look at Brandon Roy to see what bone-on-bone does to a knee. " It's actually worse in the case of Brandon because for him it is bone-on-bone on BOTH knees.
@CCX, "D-Will though doesn't have some of the knee problems of CP3, and he's bigger and stronger." I recall from the previous season that CP3's knee injury was bone-on-bone. How long that surgically repaired knee will hold could be a pretty risky investment.
Don't know why you guys are all over the quick point guard thing. Westbrook is quick, so is Rose, so is Rondo. You what they have in common? Whose left? A 39 year old Point and I don't even know who Miami's point is. Lakers need another athletic 3 to bang with Lebron - that's it. Posted by: HmrHed | May 27, 2011 at 03:49 PM --- Miami's starting PG is the slow, unathletic 33-year old Mike Bibby. BTW, your info on Kidd is incorrect; he is not that old. He is only 38 years old.
Kobe definitely would have become a world-class goalkeeper. With his wingspan, quickness and athleticism, very little would get past him when he is guarding the goalmouth.
Speaking of rookie coaches.... What is the world was coach Thibs thinking leaving Noah on the bench the last 8 minutes last night? I know Kurt Thomas hit a couple of shots, but NO WAY do you leave Thomas in and Noah on the bench. I think coach Thibs froze up in the clutch just like his team. Posted by: LRob2 | May 27, 2011 at 10:15 AM --- Boozer was also MIA last night. Surprise!!! Didn't the Chicago scouts watch Boozer's disappearing act in last year's playoffs before they signed him to that $80M contract?
The piece with Vitti is interesting. His take was that this team just ran out of gas. I'm inclined to agree, metally, emotionally and physically they just looked like they had nothing left. You can blame this guy or that guy, but the whole team looked pretty flat. Posted by: Tom Daniels | May 27, 2011 at 08:53 AM --- I also find that credible; Vitti has no reason to varnish the truth. The main Laker core, with exception of Drew, all played 82 games this season. That has never happened in the last 10 years. Pau burned more minutes this season than he has for the last 5 years. The spirit was indeed willing but the flesh was weak. And then there were those weird substitution patterns where the starters would be brought back into the game in the 4th qtr, even when the game was already 'in the refrigerator'. I never did understand those.
@ Tom Daniels, Dunleavy was a rookie head coach when he took over the Lakers in '90. He was an assistant at Milwaukee prior to that.
Memo to Brian Shaw: get yourself a good agent. Look at Mike Brown...