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I've been following your blog for a while, and the beer brewing epic with particular interest, and I figured it's time to pipe up. I've thought of brewing beer off and on, particularly with my father, who used to do it when he was young (and made brandy too, I believe, though we won't talk about that too much cause it's illegal here in Denmark... heheh). You should know, dear Mr. Wheaton, that you have officially inspired me to finally get going on the beer brewing project with my dad this fall/winter. I'm 24 but living at home after a couple of years of studying abroad left me with very little money (and the job situation here is tough, very tough). I love my family but it's difficult living at home when I'm used to my own space; maybe if my dad and I have a common project it'll ease things a bit. *clears throat* Okay, now I'm rambling. In summary: thank you. I love following along on this story and I'm really excited to get going on my own brewing project now. Internet research, here I come!
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Aug 8, 2011