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You think of the Surface Pro as an iPad 7? I think of it as a terrible laptop and tablet. People seem to forget or don't realize what a mess Windows Internals are. Cruft upon cruft after years of new code dumped on top of old. It's just offensive from an OS standpoint. Too bad they don't have the guts or skill to do what Apple has done several times which is to rewrite major portions of the OS for increased efficiency. So what they get is another Vista on their hands with Windows 8 that nobody wants and a tablet/laptop that is lousy for both things. Also Intel is hardly the way forward for such devices.
Limbaugh is a scumbag and sociopath of course but I reserve my true scorn for those defective enough to listen to his hateful and ignorant gibberish.
I'm pretty amazed you think Microsoft has never done this. They have for years and far worse. In fact they have been sued multiple times for just that.
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Jun 15, 2011