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Snrky Snrky
Wandering to and fro amongst the cubes and up and down within them...
Interests: Organizational humor
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Wow, The Culture Game got five stars on Amazon. I think I'll have to read that one for sure, even if it was only four reviewers. Coming from a large org myself, that seems particularly interesting.
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Great list. We have a few we use around the office that are related to code and others related to working at a large organization. I challenge you to guess what a "pressed fruit basket" is as regards a manager's office. I use "duck", but I don't think I'd ever use "mad girlfriend bug" in front of my business unit given the preponderance of women. Or at all, given it's sort of rude to many programmers I respect. I see Interfect Prime thought the same thing.
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Mar 13, 2012