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Thoughts on the Premiere: It was really really good, not mind-bogglingly great. For me, the on-Island stuff dragged, took an hour to really get interesting. It was nice to see Juliet again but it was kind of a cheap move. We have to see her die twice? I think the healing water is really interesting – Is that how Richard stays immortal? Why is it now discolored? Did Jacob know it wouldn’t work, and if so, was that his plan? Is Sayid now Jacob or just “changed” the way Ben changed? I like the idea of Sayid = Jacob, because I thought Naveen Andrews was always one of the better actors on the show, and he's had precious little to do for about three years now. Hopefully this will lead to great stuff. Richard = slave from the Black Rock. Loved the flash sidways, thought the 2004 story was fantastic. Nice to see old characters (BOONE CHARLIE CLAIRE ARZT FROGURT) and to note the little changes. Rose comforting Jack this time as opposed to the other way around. A lot seems to have changed in their lives other than the plane not crashing, interesting to explore what else is different. What happened to Desmond? What was with Jack’s cut neck? Seems significant. Also - ISLAND UNDERWATER??!?!?!
So glad you guys are back! My head is still swimming with thoughts on the premiere - whaaaaat? I can't wait for this podcast.
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Also - Michael Emerson confirmed to TV Guide that he believes the statue to be Taweret. That, along with the hippo head and ideology behind Taweret allow me to think that it is the statue. I also think that Miles was right - they caused the incident. Not only is it logical, but the episode was CALLED 'The Incident."
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A FANTASTIC EPISODE! Maybe not what we were expecting cliffhanger-wise, but it was pretty baller. RANDOM THOUGHTS: - Jacob and Nameless illustrate the good vs. evil/black vs. white battle that show has hinted at since the beginning. Their beginning conversation showed their continuous struggle in watching new groups come to the island, struggle for leadership, and ultimately self destruct. Our Losties were just another set of players on their giant chessboard aka The Island. - Nameless needs a 'loophole' in order to kill Jacob. Are they bound by the same rules Ben and Charles are? - The statue seems to be that of Egyptian deity Tarewet. Tarewet is said to mate with, who else, the god of EVIL. - Jacob went to visit each of the characters (Jack, Kate, Sun/Jin, Hurley, Ilana, Locke) and seemed to set them on their path's to the island. He also made a point to touch each of them - significance? - We now know that Locke = Nameless, and somehow this provdided the loophole. Was Nameless also Christian Shepherd? Do we all still think the host of dead characters on the island (Yemi, Alex, etc.) were really Smokey? Alex/Smokey told Ben to do what John Locke said, did it really mean Nameless? Is Smokey an agent of Nameless? For what it's worth, I think that Christian=Nameless, everything else was Smokey. Why? Christian and Locke have a lot in common - they both died off island, had their bodies brought to the island, were not buried, and are wearing the same shoes. - I do not believe Locke was ever 'special' or the new leader. Richard thought so because Locke went back in time and TOLD him he was special. We now know even Richard was being duped by Nameless/Locke. Prior to this season, Locke was only guided by hallucinations and dreams and the vague belief that his is their leader. Looks like poor Locke was duped one final time. - JULIET! I cannot believe they introduced the most functional relationship in Lost's history just to destroy it episodes later. She was a brilliant actress, and in this episode elevated the ridiculous lines she was given ("Stop Jack, "Help Jack", "You don't love me wahhhhhhhhhhh") Props to Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Halloway for selling their relationship and selling their final scenes. - I don't think Jacob wasn't the guy in the cabin who said "Help me." According to Ilana, Jacob hasn't been there in a while. My theory is that Nameless was in the cabin, and began this entire downward spiral. - Remember the last time we saw the Swan implode? Everyone in it survived, was blasted off into different directions, and Desmond became "unstuck" in time. I predict that the H-Bomb detonation + magical magnetic properties send all of our Losties into present day. Juliet will die from her wounds. It also doesn't look to good for Sayid, which is sad, he's a fantastic character portrayed by one of the show's better actors. STAY LOST!
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