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Sandy Cass
Okinawa, Japan
Interests: sci-fi, fantasy books, movies, tv. vampire, changeling rpg, larp. bacon, cheese, bbq ribs, rib eye steak, potatoes, buttered corn.
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I'm disappointed that I can't see the commercial for the episode in Japan. I hope to catch the episode on AFN, but not sure when it'll air here. I'm sure you're fabulous in it though, WW. :)
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I'm sure it'll go well, and you'll be funny as usual. I wish you were doing your book readings when I was going to SDCC every year back in the nineties. Alas, you were only signing and doing standup iIrc at the time. Wish I were there still, but we're stationed in Japan. (^_^)v
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2009 on reminder: book and a beer tonight at WWdN: In Exile
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I was teary-eyed while reading this, and it wasn't because I have a cold. It's really nice to be reminded that celebrities are just as in awe of each other as we are of them. If all your books are written like this blog, I'll have to buy them... well, find them first. We don't get a lot of books stationed overseas unless Amazon has them, and they don't seem to have most of them. Too bad you weren't published back when I met you at SDCC in the nineties. Thanks for the excerpt1 (^_^)v
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Is there a video I can watch to learn this stuff? I haven't played in years. Even then my character was a hippy healer named Poppy whose math was done by a friend of mine who had a fancy ranger guy who shot fire from his eyes or something. I just rolled dice. I don't do math well. The quickstarts are a lot of reading with random numbers thrown in for the simple purpose of confusing me. heh. You should do a beginners' guide video.
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