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May the God of all comfort wrap His loving arms around Big Shot Rob and the entire Horry family.
Did I miss No.Money's "explanation?"
Y'all pour one out on the curb for our lil homie No.Money, OK?
@GMoney:'re a LOSER and so is your team! And don't deflect. Kobe has 5. LeBron has ZERO! NO MONEY! NO MONEY! NO MONEY! NO MONEY! NO MONEY!
Sorry...couldn't resist baiting the haters. :) It's been said a billion times, but I'll reiterate: Had they been mature enough to work through their issues and conflicts, God only knows how many rings they would have won together. Oh well. And I have no beef with his jersey being retired, too. He deserves it. All hail The Big ICON!
5 summers ago, during the TRADE ME- DON'T TRADE ME Summer, I launched a full scale assault on Jim Buss by calling him THE REAL CANCER of the team. 3 Finals appearances and 2 rings later, I called a cease-fire. After reading Heisler's article, I may have to get my gunbarrels loaded up again. Mike Brown was the only coach they (JIM!) interviewed? REALLY? SMH... Philip Anschultz of AEG: Please do us all a favor and put Jerry Buss out of his misery and buy the team. Seriously.
What's done is done. Onward and upward, Laker Nation! By the way, MM, I'm completely firewalled at work. Can't log on via TypePad. So consider me retired for real, I guess. :)
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May 25, 2011