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Awe, I don't think that of you. Misguided and crazy, but definitely not a bigot. I think I would enjoy having many a beer with you and arguing until we were both so trashed we couldn't stand up to pee anymore.
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LOL, you know what I see? A guy trying to argue with everyone. Fact is you sat down and had lunch with one group of people severely confused about what free speech is and another group of people who are staunch queer hatin' bigots. So you weren't in solidarity of free speech, you're not a bigot ... you're just a guy who likes those damn good chicken sandwiches and happened to grab one on the wrong day and took offense to Wil Wheatons' righteous anger being smitten upon you from the internet. You don't have to explain your actions to me or anyone, but it sure seems by all your posts you can't stop pointing out how right you are. I think Chick-Fil-A should be ridiculed, hell even banned. There are plenty of people who would serve greasy chicken to the masses without hating on the LGBT community (KFC comes to mind amongst others). You can convince me your a decent guy with an open ear (respect, bumps, shot of whiskey, shotgun beer [that's how we roll!]), but your never going to convince me that there is one iota of good that can possibly come out off Chick-Fil-A or that Wil was wrong for trashing the solidarity BS or that I should start shopping at Wal-Mart* again. There are some things no amount of arguing can achieve. I believe not spending my money at a corporate chain who denigrates a minority does some good in the world and I think Mr. Casey should be "publicly sodomized while wearing a chicken suit with the ass cut out**." I don't expect to convince you of my point of view ... and no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. * Just a random example I pulled from my nether regions. ** Admittedly this is something I should apologize for and probably should never have written but I left it there for those that once upon a time read the rants of Bob Cock on because not enough people in the world read his posts and not enough people in the world are snarfing milk through their nose laughing.
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Except sexuality, much like race, is not a choice. I don't hate you or your post but to imply sexuality is a choice is to argue in favor of the religious who believe it is a choice. The individual is free to believe in what ever crazy religion he/she wants, but the individual does not have the right to organize with a bunch of other individuals who believe the same crazy thing and take away the rights of some other individual that he/she enjoys because his/her religion tells us that its wrong. Believe me, I know a lot about believing in crazy things, I was raised Roman Catholic, hid behind Agnosticism, dabbled in Hinduism and Kirsna consciousness, and then decided that I am a Atheist Dude of the Church of the Later Day Dude. I totally understand your "agree to disagree" "can't we all just get along" idea but the LGBT community has lived in fear for long enough and it is not wrong to fight for their equal standing among the rest of us.
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Read your tweet, read this post, read some other blogs, and then read the comments here. The conclusion I came to: sometimes you gotta be a dick and stir the s**t! While I wholeheartedly support the "don't be a dick" mantra when it comes to things like facebook/twitter bullying or rage chat in games or on blogs or just at the grocery store when the person in front of you is being slow ... sometimes you gotta stand up for what you believe in even if it makes you a dick. This Cathy of Chick-Fil-A spoke out even though it makes him sound like a dick to countless LGBTs and there hetro-supporters ... And Shane A. has expressed his opinion in un-dick-like and dick-like fashion numerous times on this post trying to defend his attendance. Yeah, I'm calling you out man. Those three mayors you're bitching about have local and state laws in their city's and state's that require that they investigate businesses that don't have fair hiring practices (including allowing or disallowing new locations to open). So yes they were jumping on the political press band wagon and making a stink, but they also have a legal leg to stand on in making those threats. If they didn't have a legal leg to stand on don't you think their legal and press relations teams would have said "this is a bad idea, lets not weigh in on this issue until we know which way the wind is blowing." I think you stood in solidarity with bigots and now your trying extra hard to defend yourself because you feel bad that you did that. Boycotts are the social consequence of running your mouth and if you were misguided or a true-believer of free speech it doesn't change the fact that you stood in solidarity with a bunch of other people whose stated belief is that gay is bad and wrong. I think what Wil is trying to get across about the food being shitty is not so much the taste but the content. I mean donuts and Big Macs taste good too but we should all know by now that they are pretty shitty for our bodies. In closing Chick-Fil-A is kind of a non-issue for me. I never ate there because the one we had in my area for a short time closed because no one ate there. I have tried very hard to stop eating any fast food because it is bad for me. I do think it was clever for Disney/The Muppets to pull their toys and pull this into the national lime light (even though I dislike some of the ways Disney as a corporation abuses its copyright powerhouse). In the end I am more concerned about the presidential election than a fast food joint; when those two lines cross though it is important to look at all sides and make your decision with not only your vote but also your actions. Although your original statement may have harsh Wil, I do believe there are occasions where can't be nice about it ... you just have to get in there and be a dick and let the chips fall where they may. I think this was one of those times. I do understand why you as the king of nice had to write a post to clarify and calm.
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Aug 6, 2012