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I witnessed a poll worker slowing the process down yesterday in Palm Beach Gardens when I asked to women at the registration table "Why do you not have anyone infront of you" They both looked at me and said "She won't send us anyone" and pointed to the poll worker at the door telling people WHO to go get their ballot from. This was clearly a RED FLAG. This slowed the voting process down because these people who were there to get people their ballots were NOT ALLOWED to do their job. The ballot is 8 pages long and many voters did not read the ballot before coming into the voting booth. This is another reason for the delays. Democrats are just tying to cheat like they always do. Felons Voting = PRISON TIME, Illegals Voting = PRISON TIME, Double Voting = PRISON TIME, Voting in Two States = PRISON TIME, Committing Voter Fraud = PRISON TIME Stop The Nonsense Democrats. You know you are going to lose because Obama has failed on every level & the American people know it.
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Nov 4, 2012