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Carolyn Soltas
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1. Grandsons come to mind first. 2. Husband, daughter, son-in-law and son 3. my dad for scrap booking supplies 5. getting paper, punches, etc on sale somewhere 6. FREE SHIPPING 7. my cat, who is 20 years old 8. visiting with old friends 9. a little traveling 10. Zumba at my Curves
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1. Being retired for 2 weeks! 2. Camping at Fort Desoto park with a water view south of St. Petersburg FL 3. Playing with my grandsons in the waves at the beautiful FT. Desoto beach. 4. Some down time with my husband away from home riding bikes, walking along the beach, talking. 5. Seeing friends at zumba.
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1. Playing solitare and Bejeweled on Nintendo DS for relaxation! 2. Looking through email. 3. Googling craft rooms. 4. Playing games on the computer. 5. napping.
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1. I retired from 30 years teaching kindergarten and 1st grade on Monday! 2. I get to go to Curves to workout in the mornings now! 3. I watched my grandsons (ages 4 & 6) play in the pool, and they are swimming on their own now. 4. After spending the morning with my daughter and her 3 boys around the pool, they went home! 5. I enjoy watching good drama on the cable networks, (USA, TNT, etc) without thinking about getting ready for work. Hmmm, doesn't take much to make me happy!
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CraZy RandOm List of Preferences: Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds What do you usually have for breakfast? waffle, chocolate peanut butter, banana slices What food do you dislike? beef Favorite item of clothing? Jeans. Are you a morning person or a night person? morning Favorite soft drink? Diet Pepsi Summer or winter? Summer Hugs or kisses? hugs Chocolate or Vanilla? Dove Chocolate Salty or sweet? both, as in kettle corn Road Trip or Commercial Flight? Road Trip Bare foot or shoes? shoes Action or Comedy? Comedy Muscles or Brains? Brains Early or fashionably late? Early
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Jobs I've had 1. Carhop in high school 2. Cashier at a drug store, college 3. motel office on weekends, college 4. preschool teacher 5. adult ed English teacher 6. kindergarten & 1st grade teacher
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Mar 6, 2012