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"The expectant mother suffers from depression and is debating whether to get off her meds until the baby is born. (I vote yes, if humanly possible). This mom also has ADHD. The question was posed, did I think a parent with ADHD and depression is more likely to have a child with autism. No, I said, I don't think parents have anything to do with their children having autism." Unless of course they are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) which is linked to depression, ADHD, seizures and may also open the placental barrier and blood brain barrier of the fetus as well to allow toxins in.
Christopher Caldwell is there to parrot Slate's Phil Plait. Slate you recall did the 180 on FRK Jr' 'Deadly Immunity' article.. where Rolling Stone stood by him. Ana Marie Cox wrote for Daily Beast "Stop Paying Attention to Anti-Vaxxers Already!".. right. Liz Mair and Eddie Huang (wrote) "Fresh Off the Boat" dunno.... But one thing for sure, 'there will be blood'.
And the WAY to enhance surveillance and exert control under the guise of Homeland Security? Electromagnetic fields from toxic towers (an as-yet unindicted co-promoter in autism). If there was a competition for mind-boggling corruption at the expense of our health, one must add this one to the list - an industry touted by Cisco as becoming $ 19 TRILLION dollars annually within 10 years. America, along with it's Constitution, has irreparably blown a gasket.
JB, Let's get started. Here and now. In addition to buying books that describe this epic tragedy from 360 degrees...gets the funds DO The Research. Period. Now.
Here's the thing, Dr. Yazbak is for Choice. The battle for parents who've had their life overturned by vaccine-damage is a separate fight. I'd wholeheartedly agree, no vaccine withstands rigorous scientific scrutiny i.e. net benefit. But that's my Opinion based considerably searching begun on AoA. Dr. Yazbak's position - above all - is CHOICE. Even this reasonable middle ground is unavailable in this polarizing media environment. To the degree Dr. Yazbak succeeds in establishing a middle road is the degree to which any other advances can be made. Dr. Yazbak is considered a fully-crazed anti-vaxxer in Offit's head quarters merely for advocating Choice. He suffers the slings and arrows. Pharma's CDC does NOT want him to succeed, in any way, and at ANY cost! Otherwise, you end up with "rational discussions" and that's a very scary road to reduced billions in profit. THAT is why it's absolutely critical we help Dr. Yazbak pave the middle ground.
Shocking and ignorant hysteria... 'Hysteria' not in a misogynistic 'mercurial' manner but collective panic. You'd think Jews would stop and think. You'd think Gays would stop and think. You'd think. @theputingames · ANTI-Vaxxers? Fine 'Em, Jail 'Em, STONE 'EM!! Just like GAYS in '82, Then Vaxxers!! China w 100% MMR Uptake +107,000 cases #1EducateVAXXERS!
Dan, Thanks to AoA (it's followers) and research it's inspired, I don't yet see a safe vaccine personally. However, in the bigger battle for more research and safer schedules 'No Vaccines!' is an untenable strategy. When there's so much information to parse/impart, starting the discussion with 'You're Killing People!' makes for no discussion at all. And still, were I travelling to Africa or other infected area - I'd look again. Beth & Birgit, On that "Tentanus vaccines works.." idea? Admittedly, that's one I held onto. Doubtless attributable to my sister stepping in a rusty nail when I was a kid and the impact of the uproar. Dr. Susan Humphries takes tetanus apart in excruciating detail (for me). See Youtube "Dr. Humphries on tetanus, immunity and epigenetics". And then (again, for me) a bombshell, she shows research on immune changes after a tetanus vaccine. What happens at a genetic level (if you've been following epigenetics, 'gene activation'). I'll let her explain it, she does it so well. Oh yeah, and the study in India ... Vitamin C versus tetanus vaccination is incredible.
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2014 on Midweek Mashup: Our Mission at AGE OF AUTISM
Eindeker, Or, maybe go for 0% death rate from tetanus with Vitamin C as the Bangladeshi study seems to suggest. The fact it may be totally resolved with a little Vitamin C? Now, that is scary.
Excellent. Another extraordinary correlation is electricity. Check geographical outbreaks against the introduction of telegraphs (1848-53), electric cars (1867) and the electric power grid(1880s), street cars (1888-93). Massive electric power increase after 1945. Roosevelt contracted the virus at Bear Mountain New York, they say. This being a high point, radio/communications/radar towers and power lines there. Another critical variable in polio and autism?
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2014 on Pesticides and The Age of Polio at AGE OF AUTISM
Nancy said: I know this will not be popular, but I'd like to see more research in the areas of EMF and autism. Martha Herbert recently did a talk on this topic and it seems to have some promise. Dr. Hebert has over 500 studies which paint the picture. "Promise"? Yes Nancy. It's what's causing immune dysfunction, mito dysfunction and the long list. The Cause. This ALLOWs Mercury & Co. to do their thing. But it's not "popular" as you say, I tried... again and again. AoA, Andy, SafeMinds one wants to know. Too bad.
Nice Pointed Summary, Jim Thompson. On same - the Recent CDC Articles on ASD Page. "These CDC scientific articles are listed in order of date published, from 2007 to present". Thorson is listed in 6 of 47 papers or about 13% of them
Dear Abdulkadir Khalif, Clear, bold and painfully heartfelt. You message was entirely unlike the unsubstantiatable PR fluff offered up by Dr. Abdirahman D Mohamed, the Somali doctor - as you well-pointed out. Dr. Mohamed may yet become a grand PR star for Offit's Pharma forces of obfuscation. You may want to interview him before that happens. Of course, like so many autism tourists, Dr. Abdirahman D Mohamed can best be understood with a snippet from his bio - " He returned to Minneapolis in July 2008 from a five-year project in Zambia, first as the Senior Technical Advisor for USAID, then as the Country Director for MACEPA, a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The endorsement "Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation " will be our greatest obstacle to truth and justice in future. Thanks. And Keep fighting.
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