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I was at the game last night and it was a great game to go to. The crowd was riiiiiled up during the 2nd quarter when Wade and Lebron put on a show. That really was a sight to behold. Especially after both benches had stunk up the place... Man, does Chalmers suck. He keeps calling out for picks and doesn't do anything with them except timidly dribble the ball back. It's like watching McLovin have sex. - Why no Magloire? Shaq was hot - Why no hack-a-shaq? - No beasley in the 4th got the crowd angry, at least my section - Wade was left there by himself at the end with no help - Wade is still BIW to me despite his costly mistakes at the end
Dorell Dorell Dorell
This game teaches us nothing. We'll lose by 20 next game
Alston and Wade are having fun. They're fun to watch
What's funny is the last player i saw to do that was Lamar Odom on the lakers
Why doesn't Arroyo get to play? Chalmers has to be on the block
I dont know Moose he got up there pretty high, just McGee is that long
even more awesome to see him going back in there strong again. good sh!t beasley
What Heat Fans Have to Look Forward to: 1) Trade Deadline. 2) Off-season 3) All games including Lakers, Celtics, Cavs, Magic, and Hawks
Gerald Wallace could miss today's game with an ankle sprain and Chandler's still out despite them winning without him. Bobcats got a 8 game winning streak at home too. This will be an interesting game... You never know with this team.
Ain't no disaster more natural than War ::drops mic, leaves stage::
OT: Geeze, 500,000 have died in Haiti... Curious, Haiti is close enough to Florida to warrant this question but has there ever been a tremor or earthquake in Florida?
You know, I'd say Joel gets put in position to suck more than he just plain sucks. I don't understand the point to give him the ball at the top of the key where we have that stupid play where both our guards come off screens ( dont know my X's and O's) or why go to him on the pick and roll besides him setting nice screens. He's a great shot blocker and he's not bad at guarding the PnR. Im just trying to say he doesn't completely suck more than they set him up to fail at things he's not particularly good at or even decent
Seriously speaking -- what would it take for Dwight Howard to want to leave the Magic? A fall out between SVG and Howard? A first round exit?
If we get rid of JO just to get McGrady over here and have Joel/Magloire as our bigs for the rest of the year then we just basically screwed ourselves out of trying to sign Odom in the off-season for no reason, or just some draft picks. Oh and getting rid of Marcus Banks. I like McGee too but I'd rather go for Haywood. Haywood and Butler to me look like guys who are about to explode on whatever team they're dealt to.
I believe we sent Cook to the D-league his rookie season didn't we? the 15 win season?
Not to mention when he finally hits a 3 from outside they yank him
Not surprised. Ira just posted that Wade might miss tomorrow's game with a sprained wrist as he was sore in practice today. We might be below .500 tomorrow. Don't bother beating yourself up, Wade. Not for this team and coach.
Speaking of SNL... It's such crap now. Don't think I laughed once after the much hyped 'Whats up with that' skit. Also, Leno needs to go already. Makes no sense for them to bring him back to his old slot for half an hour. Conan just said he wont be following Leno. OooooOooo Dramaaaaa. Man, Heat you need to start winning. Look at me.
30 (more or less) days til the trade deadline
Joe Johnson also left the Suns after their '05 season. But I mean, it's kinda the Suns fault too for not matching Atlanta's offer
Chalmers has been playing al ittle better but he's an afterthought out there since Wright can handle the ball and play better D, so why not go to Cook more? Cook needs more playing time. He hit a 3 last night and then was yanked as soon as Wade got back from the locker room. Which followed by putting the rest of our starters in after Wright, Cook, Joel, and Chalmers had kept us in the game and started coming back on their own. Once our starters came back in it was a blow out again.
I like Rafer. He DOES make us a better team... Beasley, Wade and Alston are the only savvy offensive players we have on this squad that can turn nothing into something. JO sometimes too but he's look uninspired as of late. I don't know if its a lingering injury or if he's just had it with this team and Spo and the 'give the ball to wade or beasley and gtfo'. It's a shame cuz I know JO will be very useful come playoff time. Just like Alson. Capable of those and1 plays that get the home crowd going or shutting them up.