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Actually according to me it would be 48.14% by Election Day. From the data for Mayoral candidates; there is a spending limit of $1,229,234.75 which means as of January 2010 there are 1,437,335 eligle voters for a city of over 2.7 million and whoever takes possession of their new condos this year...
I think that some spaces are worth saving from corporatization. Here is the link
I meant 1% higher next year regarding the prime.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on $100M in found money? at Your City, My City
Anthony; people are making Real Estate deals because the BoC will be raising interest rates in July. The prime is currently 2.25% and will be 1% by next year. Up to 6% in a few years. Lastly, Flaherty changed the terms down from 35 years and will require more of a down payment in April. Which could explain the additional activities in sales and land transfers. I am always amused by the belly achers threatening to move out of the city. They should sell to some families who want to live in Toronto, Miller's "socialist" council will collect more from the land transfer...
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on $100M in found money? at Your City, My City
CalMac; there are many mayors of the leadership of the Greater Toronto Area. Geographically; it goes from Burlington east towards...Durham region. The Star is read by more than Torontonians like the people who work here and pay property taxes in other jurisdictions.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on Don't fear the rise of the new at Your City, My City
It would be more like the tale of 3 cities, economically! The Noor Javed article was a bit sensational... Statically, Toronto is about 48% visible minority when mixed origins are included. Usually about a third of those who can vote actually do where as one quarter of the visible minority category vote when you measure ethnically.
Dear Shekhar; 4 questions were posed and I gave my answer, how about you? Nina; same question. There are blogs on the other topics and I am sure in due time Aditya will write his views.
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2010 on Don't fear the rise of the new at Your City, My City
Dear Kimberly; you have it good living near the subway! The solution would be to leave earlier. The TTC could probably use more trains and street cars to relieve the pressure. Nimalan has views which can not be funded by tolls alone.(possibly $400-500 million/year) So the solution is to go after higher levels of gov't for funding which will create more tax paying jobs and so forth. You can't compare it to NYC, Paris OR London. Compare it to Mississauga Transit as run by a female conservative will be more appreciative of what you have.
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2010 on TTC: Make it better, Mayor X at Your City, My City
How about a just & harmonious society, the days of the new! We know statistically Toronto is made up by a majority of people from other provinces & countries. What is being done to engage the new comers to the city? The next term goes from Dec. 1, 2010 to 2014. That would be a starting point till 2030. There are currently 27 mayoral candidates with 3 withdrawals, there will be close to 50 by election day...
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2010 on Don't fear the rise of the new at Your City, My City
Our heavenly father we pray that someone will address this issue. Though the Toronto crime rate is falling due to an aging population compared to Boston... Would engaging youth at their point of interest like sports, music, performing arts etc, do the dirty work? Empowering people at a grass roots level might be a solution. There have been populist movements in the Global South based on liberation theology.
Dear Marit; there is a provincial election in Oct. 2011 and likely a federal election this fall OR next spring. So you could blog about it then. I am sure that parents realize the $100 a month from the feds through deficit spending is not that useful in finding child care. You would be best to not just address child care to help parents but go after the politicians that vowed to eradicate child poverty decades ago.
Dear Pino; Toronto begins at the lake and goes north towards half of Steeles. Transit City is the way to go as we will once again hit triple digit oil prices where $75 U.S. is stable. Look at GO Transit who will be raising fares with little outrage in the papers. It's not good transit but rather the system brings the outskirts into the city core and at the end of the day back to the perimeter. Walk, bike, transit and car in that order! OR make small purchases to lug home.(smile)
Dear Alexandra; Obama has become the president of Wall St. & War rather than hope & change. The star along with the right of center media kiboshed Miller. About 585,000 voted in 2006 compared to 695,000 in a competitive race where that voter turn out was 31% in 2003. The '06 turnout was closer to 33% Prove that young people are not apathetic by organizing registration drives. Compare the candidates for all positions. For decades liberals have sat in almost every federal and provincial seat in Toronto. If you vote for a liberal you will get neoliberal policies. Look for candidates to take on the old boys network!
Hey, Howard; how is the mayoral campaign going? The rubber side walk eh!(chuckle) You should let the people know you're into improv. There is a pedestrian committee and the notion of a walkable city. So the focus is on the dutch today, woonerf! Except when the Greenland ice sheet melts the Netherland's levees will not hold up and spread the water. The answer is the Complete Streets.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2010 on Pride and the city's sidewalk at Your City, My City
Dear Marit; I attended the Budget deputations and there were 15 to 20 that raised child care and nutrition. The concern was the loss of subsidies. With additional funds, Shelley would restore the rent subsidy for 373 daycares located in schools now. I have proposed $30-35 a day child care since Quebec can do it for a few dollars plus subsidy. The variable is location!(see my Mar. 7 post)Thanks,
No, I spoke to Shelley and even gave a deputation on the operating budget, Mar. 2. She has indicated that she is not running for mayor but for Ward 33 councillor. The prime rate is at an all time low of 2.25% and will be going up in July so there have been record sales of properties in Toronto before the July 1 Liberal HST is applied to almost everything. Since the media in punishing Miller, Carroll can precede with bringing forward the revised operating budget to council for voting in April.
Nihao Anthony; you're being cynical. I have been to the "proposed" operating budget launch in February and there were various strategies on Page 15 to balance the budget. The Province gave powers to the City to raise revenues. Looking at the housing sales in 2009 to 2008, it would appear a lot of people want to live and buy property in Toronto and can afford the land transfer. Many readers may notice it wasn't necessary to shovel snow this winter. Does Miller control the weather or has to budget based on previous year's pattern. Side note: Paul Martin used to always post higher than projected surpluses and how did the liberal media treat him. Miller was punished because the upset media speculated rather than reported the fact. Some reactionaries think it is incompetence for adjusting to new information. How did Paul Martin turnout as PM? Will the provincial liberals be on budget later this month? The proposed operating budget for the city will go to council for a vote: April 15 & 16.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on $100M in found money? at Your City, My City
Dear John; we met briefly at the Lawrence Park Community Church. You spoke on "The Corporate Urban Citizen" Afterward, I introduce myself as a Mayoral Candidate. I offered the suggestion that the 12 person Executive Committee be made up of 3 right wingers, 3 environmentally friendly councillors, 3 moderates and 3 left wingers to deal with the dysfunctional council. Currently it consist of 8 New Democrats and 4 Liberals and is now trending to 8 Liberals and 4 Conservatives by mayoral speculation...
Really; bad water, fast drivers & children. How about the Maytree host inclusive candidate meetings to address issues? Wilding from the BoT interjected at Budget meetings though couldn't answer the difference between gross and net and will largely be a pro business association... The new chair of the Toronto City Summit Alliance is a right winger who is suppose to offer a unifying vision while attacking city council? I pick having a voice!
When people ask me where I am from? I say "Toronto eh." They know I am from Toronto, Canada NOT Toronto, Kansas. It IS a World Class city and I feel people realize they are Canadian when they are out of the country. Does Toronto compare to Tokyo a city of 12.8 million? The city is what it is... and is not trying to be Hollywood North, Silicon Valley or Manhatten with the towers. Though there is recent talk of the city being a financial service hub, it will never reach the level of NYC.
Dearest Dalton; we met at the Reference Library for the Black History Month Q & A. I am a candidate in my 30s and would be open to change from the usual Shakespeare to "Hip Hop Hamlet" for example... Earlier last month I raised a question at a Hart House event on how to apply Malcolm X & Luther King Jr. to today and in Toronto. The response was one of identity politics. Cadigia Ali is a woman of colour running in Ward 2 for council. I am neither black nor white but I see the barriers facing discrimination. Like you, many times I go to events and I am the only person of non-European origin...BTW - I can do spoken word & karaoke(smile)
Dearest Gorick; the youngest mayoral candidate: Barton is 27 and the oldest is State, 67. YOU could join the race as the 18 year old youth! Though the election date was moved from the second Monday in November; the 8th to the last Monday in October as the legislative work of the Liberals thus condensing the campaign period and denying those born Oct. 26 to Nov. 8 turning 18 their chance to vote... I will be reaching out to generation X & Y.
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Mar 7, 2010