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Henne is like Brees?....just the idea shows signs of being delusional. Why would the Dolphins aspire to be the Chargers, they missed the playoffs too. Horrible blog.
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The question should be, did the Heat do enough to buy an NBA title? If they don't win it'll be one of the greatest franchise failures of all time.
It's a tough call. I agree with the premise that we shpuldn't help line the repressive Castro brothers pockets. In the same respect there are at least hundreds of thousands if not millions of Cuban refugees here who have family there and I don't see how that is fair that they are punished by not allowing them to assist and visit their relatives. People are really suffering there and to cut off the little they get just makes their quality of life worse than it has to be. Fidel will be gone soon (as in dead) and then we should really start applying the pressure to topple the gov't. The people there need to take to the streets as well, especially in light of what happened in Egypt and Tunisia. Tyrants can be forced out. Unfortunately blood will be spilled but that is the price of freedom.
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Feb 15, 2011