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Feeling defensive guys!! This form of protest is available for all who have grievances with the law. It's written in the Constitution of the United States, perhaps a little reading of US history is in order. Also, I believe the vagrants you referred to have shown more courage, spirit and determination than their opponents that are upset the Dream Defenders know their rights. It's called intellect!!! Even with voter suppression Florida went to President Barack Obama. See throughout history Evil is when good men and women do nothing. The majority of Americans did something. Murder, racial profiling and the prison pipeline will not go away without lawful peaceful protest. Just like Jim Crow, lynching and other forms of discrimination were defeated in our checkered past as Americans. Keep up the good work Dream Defenders!! You are our future Americans who want and demand a great country, not a backwards, ignorant country that we are so intent on producing. Like minded Americans are so proud of you!!!
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Aug 3, 2013