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Interests: music, photography, technology, soccer, computers, flying, rich internet applications, mobile banking, network security... mostly nerd stuff.
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I seriously doubt that adopting or not adopting a mobile strategy is life-threatening to most financial institutions today. Unlike ATM adoption, US users seem fairly indifferent about mobile banking. I would agree that for many businesses a mobile strategy is a must. At the very least, optimizing your site for mobile users is a must. I think users will adopt various levels of "mobile banking" over a longer period of time than perhaps Van Dyke suggests - mobile banking being very loosely defined, starting with the most basic of simply receiving text message balance updates (which is what most folks seem to want).
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Brad - if you mean that banks operate subserviently to core providers, I would agree. The shift from physical to digital is happening now and those that "get it" early will position themselves well to avoid becoming a commodity. Relationships between financials and customers can becomes stronger with better online offerings. Rather than think of how to hold customers hostage through bill pay we should be thinking of how to endear ourselves to customers by building relationships online. It's unfortunate that many banks and credit unions truly WANT to be innovative but simply can't because of the limitations of their core provider.
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Thanks for the comment Cindy. You are correct in your assessment of folks wanting real-time balance updates. From the bank's perspective, real-time balance updates are certainly possible but keep in mind that the bank may not always know that you just wrote a check to your dentist (or a check to your babysitter three months ago that hasn't been cashed yet). The timing of transaction processing is always problematic when it comes to real-time balance. Your point is well taken though. Some combination of real-time bank updates coupled with end-user interaction (maybe in the form of a wireless smart checkbook!) would be ideal. The pain you mention is common and is one I'd like to help solve.
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