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Mainly agreeing and chiming in with some more stuff. When I was talking to my Doctor about my concerns (My mom has Celiacs, and I was displaying symptoms) he at one point said, "It seems like everyone in the area has this!" It has, unfortunately become the next "big thing." Like Atkins. But my mom loved the Atkins fad because "I can order a sandwich without bread and no one looks at me funny!" But fortunately, because all these people are "convinced" they have it, it's becoming more mainstream. There is a gluten free section in many big chain supermarkets. And there are Betty Crocker GF mixes. Which is frakking incredible.
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If you feel better by not eating it, by all means continue. If you want another test that does not require eating gluten and feeling like crap, try getting the HLA-DQ test. Basically it tests to see if you are one of these two DQ blood types. If you're not, there is only a .0003ish% chance you will ever develop Celiacs (since the gene [and disease] can become active at any point in your life). Of course, it might come out negative, in which case you're like me and you have a gluten sensitivity (more extreme for you than me). Hope this helps? My mom has it and I've been tested many times, so I know many of the different types of tests.
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Mar 10, 2011