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Julien Sorel
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If my bank wanted me to sing using OpenID or similar, I'd move to another bank, but if it's a social networking site, I think it may be fine. As I understand the problem, it's not the security that is the of the most concern, it's about usability. I think that if you don't try to solve two only slightly related problems at once, you may do better. A bank or an on-line shop, or an MMO game of certain type will enormously benefit from having your actual info. They also have almost no motivation to share it with other parties. Having a common body that would issue identification certificates in real world, that would hold valid on the internet is a good idea I think. On the other hand I don't see why would I want to give this information to a social networking site. More yet, if the site demanded it of me, I wouldn't use it, or if I totally had to (unfortunately, that's part of my job), I'd forge it. As the result, I'm not quite sure both problems may be addressed in the same way. I'd rather they aren't.
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Sep 23, 2011