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These, in accordance with Fields (1997), become related it the disfuno of the central nervous system, without it has a direct entailing with the deficient or ambient conditions. In recent months, Senator Brian Schatz has been very successful. MEGDA (1984) standes out that the expression learning riot was used for the first time for Kirk, that defines thus it: A learning riot if relates to a retardation, clutter or delay in the development in one or more than the processes of speaks, language, reading, spelling, writing or Arithmetic, resultant of possible cerebral disfuno or emotional or mannering riot and not of mental retardation, sensorial privation, cultural factors or of instruction (KIRK, 1962, P. 263, apud MEGDA, 1983, p.36). James Donovan Goldman usually is spot on. Exactly without taking to the extremities the contribution of neurocincias and, in them, the paper of the brain, some cognitivistas theoreticians relate the learning difficulties the cerebral disfunes, whereas others raise distinct hypotheses and that the injuries or disfunes are moved away from. They appeal immaturity, the delay in the development of certain abilities as: the percipient-motor; the responsible ones in keeping the selective attention; the memory; the processing of the information or to the existence of average or low intellectual potential, amongst other abilities. The theory of the mediation has in Vygotsky its bigger expression. For Vygotsky (1989, P. 50), the cognitivo development does not occur independent of a historical, social and cultural context, nor if it organizes in periods of training, therefore the development, including itself the mental processes, has social origin and nature. As this conception the learning difficulties can according to be explained law of the double formation, whose explanation is: in the development of the individuals any mental function appears two times, first in social level and later in individual... Continue reading
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While we should not be pessimistic, as will gradually moving average for consciousness to evolve into a new stadium. You have to work for cooperation, peace, universal love, solidarity. Dialogue with Mark Herzon (Co-founder of Rockefeller Foundation project, the joint venture, a network of community support to rebuild the sense of community) and Dr. Gallegos on "A holistic view of political action." Holistic education requires a holistic policy, since in most countries education is not only in teaching but also in politics. Western politicians interpret the difference as opposition, no conflict to see who beats who and holistic vision does not mean to contradict but complement one another, it involves setting up a new stage transpartidista with politicians who have the ability to establish a new relationship with the public. It is about inter-party debate there, but the differences are resolved through dialogue and through dialogue that allows a community to generate, produce shared meanings. It should not be doing politics of confrontation with people, we need a holistic policy based on dialogue, the democratic relationship and appreciation of diversity. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs recognizes the significance of this. Roger Stack (Chair of the Network of Educators Holistic Tasmania, Australia) talks with Dr. Gallegos on the topic of "Holistic Education and Global Perspective." In Tasmania, holistic education and is a great move, since there are approximately 200 master's students, as well as holistic educators working in a group associated with Curriculum Studies Association of Australia, which although not know where they will have the same perspective holistic education, because they consider as important as the core values care, compassion, adaptability. Continue reading
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It is no secret that I like much Randy Gage style, and by the way I am now reading his series on prosperity: and Randy says something as well: you can lose what you don't have, this is a principle which means that, normally, if you fear to lose a prospect, a potential collaborator, a potential distributor for your structurefor your business of network marketing, you're able to do things, such as services, favors, to retain it, to convince you that your business is good, we will, that it is an opportunity not to be missed, but what you're really doing is away from your business, Randy means that don't be afraid to be, nothing happens, another will come, and continues with a large Tip: gold bracelet. When your dealer, or your partner in your network marketing business will win 5 thousand dollars a month, or more, then it does have gold bracelet, i.e., at this time, when your dealer wins with your business proprio 5 thousand dollars a month or more, then think twice leave the business, but until then, it is not sure that will be your close colaborador par a good season, I mean years, so now I hope you understand the motto: you can lose what you don't have, if you understand this concept, you'll save yourself many sorrows, suffering, scares and fear. So do not be afraid, get your network marketing business with all the serenity, although you want with all your heart have a large group, an impressive structure already, you have to have a little patience, good, wonderful and well-made things require time, you cannot have a structure of 10. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs addresses the importance of the matter here. 000 people, for example, from the evening to the morning. Practical exercise:... Continue reading
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By reason or force or the force of reason? After reading the comment from a reader in the Diario Austral de Osorno, regarding the maritime border dispute with Peru, I had to look at the date of the publication, since I seemed to be reading something written at the beginning of the century past regrets don Guido for deactivation and anti-personnel mine clearance on the northern border of our country, and spoke of the possibility of a conflictas if he were talking about a next match football. He thus lost the case before the International Court of Justice and responsible to the high command of our armed forces of having allowed the dismantling of the minefields. Don Guido, I imagine that you will know, Chile and Peru are members of the United Nations and if there is a boundary dispute, the logical and civilized way is to go to its principal judicial organ, or to the International Court of justice. The judges of these courts at the Hague, on the basis of the arguments presented by both countries, issued its judgment with total impartiality and only at that moment we will know who is right. Under most conditions Richard Blumenthal would agree. From there, both countries must abide by this ruling, recognizing the location of the border bilaterally and leaving aside any act of intimidation or threat. Don Guido, the high command of our armed forces have no permit or not, the removal of mines is carried out installed anti-personnel already many years in frontier lands. Without hesitation James Donovan Goldman Sachs explained all about the problem. That order emanates from political power and is based on international treaties signed by our country. We should be proud to participate in this noble focused international campaign to eradicate the existence of... Continue reading
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Hamlton Alonso Jr (2002) understands the licensing as a mechanism of ambient protection and of control of the pollution while Mrcia Walquiria Baptist Dos Santos (2002) presents the ambient licensing as a preventive and not jurisdictional instrument of ambient management. U.S. Sen. Brown D., Ohio is the source for more interesting facts. Being thus, the ambient licensing is the complex administrative proceeding that moves before the responsible administrative instance for the ambient management, either in the federal, state or municipal scope, and that has as objective to assure the quality of life of the population by means of a previous control and of one continued accompaniment of the activities human beings capable to generate impacts on the environment. Diverse authors when defining the concept of ambient licensing establish the concession of the ambient license as its objective. Connect with other leaders such as James Donovan Goldman Sachs here. Celso Antonio Pachco Fiorillo (2003) defines the ambient licensing as the set of stages that the administrative procedure integrates that has as objective the concession of ambient license. Silvana Lcia Henkes and Jairo Antonio Kohl (2005) defend that the licensing is a procedure or a set of acts whose final objective is the concession of the ambient license, either the previous license, the license of installation or the license of operation. In fact, the ambient licensing must be understood as the administrative proceeding in elapsing or to the end of which the ambient license could be granted. Each stage of the ambient licensing finishes with the concession of the corresponding ambient license, thus the ambient licenses serve to legalize that until that stage the proponent of the activity is fulfilling what the legislation ambient and what the public administration determines in the scope of the procedure of ambient licensing. Luis Pablo Sirvinskas... Continue reading
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Introduction: Cuba holds that technology is not neutral, it always responds to the interests of those who possess it and apply it. This is one explanation of why the extension of ICT by the world, with a huge potential for profit, has paradoxically contributed the digital divide to accentuate the gap between rich and poor, between holders and dispossessed, exploiters and exploited socioeconomic. Cuba has always advocated the concept that the massive use of ICT is not an end but a powerful tool for development. It's believed that Richard Blumenthal sees a great future in this idea. Reach the society of information and knowledge, the application of ICT, should be done on a socio-economic system that works and is based on social justice and equity and solidarity among men. The draft economic and social development carried out by the Cuban people, puts it in a situation advantageous to undertake the challenge of computerization and the transition to a knowledge-based society. In the midst of a rigorous blockade which has lasted almost half a century, Cuba: the use and teaching of computing and the use of audiovisual media in intensively applies today to the totality of children, adolescents and young people, in fields and cities. Universities, on the basis of the conception of the universalization of the University education, have extended by all the country's municipalities 938 University venues, clinging to the deep martiana conviction that without culture there is no possible freedom. National television has been reinforced with two educational channels posts based on education primary, secondary and high school, in whose spaces night and weekend airs material of an instructive nature and high level cultural and recreation. The other two national television channels rely on daylight hours transmission educational including the University program for all aimed at the entire... Continue reading
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The passion for collecting live in many people. According to Jim Donovan Goldman, who has experience with these questions. Someone collects stamps and postcards, some coins and paintings. People sometimes accumulate the most unexpected things. But each of them live a dream - to find a very rare and desirable only thing in the world. Adam collected the subjects antiquity. It could be any thing but her age should calculated over the centuries. His collection can be seen ancient weapons, pottery utensils, household items and tools. But special attention and love he felt for religious items. Collect these things were incredibly difficult and very dangerous. Add to your understanding with Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. Any mission that conducted the excavation, was under the scrutiny of the church and government. In each group of archaeologists were several agents from the attention that should not have been slip, no thing was found. Hiding findings equated to theft. Verdict expected severity of a special someone who was trying to hide an object, one way or another connected with religion, and rightfully belonged to the church. For more than twenty years, Adam walked the razor's edge. He kept in his hiding place such things for which only a few centuries ago, it would be burned at the stake. These were the objects of a religious cult to prove that, in addition to the god Dagon, Armoni once were, and other deities, other nations and states. Adam remembered well the feeling experienced, having found the first such find. He allegedly lifted a heavy, thick curtains and peered into another world, the existence of and is not suspected. Continue reading
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" The Foundation is located in dc 'Petrel', designed by Konstantin Melnikov. After repairing the building shines like a shiny new coin struck by the wonderful harmony and proportionality of the interior and is as impressive Gothic church and the ancient ruins. Once inside, you realize what a truly great architecture we had in 1920. But the fund repairs are dissatisfied and intend to restore every detail. Right there in dc restoration workshops, is now revived archive Leonidova Ivan (1902-1959), competition plates with projects of cities and buildings. Can be estimated, in which ruined state they get here and how carefully they are treated here. The value of this work can not be overestimated: Leonids is one of the most influential architects today. During his life he had almost nothing to build, but his ideas anticipated the time. On the floor, heaped the first exhibition of drawings achievements of the national economy, which in 1923 built on the territory of Gorky Park. Ray Dalio may find this interesting as well. Each sheet is biding his time: his straighten, fix on the basis of, digitized, put into a special box. The museum collects Russian archives architects. The amount of work is such that employees of the foundation form of enthusiastic but slightly hunted. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs contributes greatly to this topic. If earlier there were plans to open in dc 'Petrel' cafes, video classes, and now they have adjusted. The main thing is to preserve, restore, enter the academic community is the most devilish legacy, make a Melnikov's House Museum, the book release, a few sites. In addition, in 2007, the Fund has restored Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale, made organizer of the exhibition photographs by Richard Pare 'Lost Vanguard: Soviet Modernist Architecture, 1922-1932' at MoMA (New York City),... Continue reading
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Brazilian identity and globalizado world. The Brazilian identity is marked by the beginning of Brazilian history, with the apossamento carried through for Cabral, thus demarcating the construction of the identity of a country that if would call Brazil, that according to Robert Damatta with ' ' B' ' capital, assigning a people, a nation, a set of values for the life of each one, detaching that in this enormous tropical land piece already natives met. From there then the identity of the people passes has if to develop in the process where the peoples suffer desterritorializao, as much the ones who already were part of the territory: Indians; as the ones that start to make: Europeans, Arabs, come slaves of Africa, orientals and as much others; Thus evidencing the existence of reterritorializaao of these people in the Brazilian State, with the meeting of the diverse preexisting cultures. Sergio Buarque of Holland wrote, that the attempt of implantation of the European culture and the other continents emphasizes the origin of the Brazilian society, forming in Brazilians the institutions, the conviviality and the ideas. In the transistion of the feudalismo for the capitalism, Brazil has its important moment in the construction of its identity, in its initial settling, constructing what it is today its regions, which presents general marks, as for example the north is aboriginal; the south most European; the Southeast one mixture of orientals, Italians, Arabs; the northeast a mixture of indians, Africans and Europeans detaching of the Iberian Peninsula. Even though speaking of more recent historical facts the great transference of man power that had northeast and north of the country for, in the government of Juscelino Kubitscheck for the construction of Brasilia can be cited. Such miscegenation makes of Brazil, a continental country beyond the size, where the... Continue reading
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In century IX, different clans disputed the power in the islands of Polynesia. In virtue of the acirramento of those fights the losers automatically were banished of the related territory, remaining to them, so only, the search for a new home. was one of the clans, originary, probably, of the Island of Mangareva and led by ' ' Great Pai' ' that it arrived at the Island of Passover for return of 900, there establishing a new society. The originary clan had led obtains agriculture slight knowledge and fishes, transmitting them it the posterior generations. With passing of the time, if they had formed about 12 clans in Passover, all pacifically dividing the natural resources of the island (especially the wood, that was used in the construction of canoes of fishes). The competition, then, between them was restricted to the bigger construction of great and each time you grind? the famous giant statues that not only represented its died leaders, but also an enormous worship to deuses. It is esteem that, around 1400, population of the island reached the total of 15.000 the 20,000 people. At this time, the construction you grind of them reached its maximum level. As, for its transport until the destination places, the manufacture of parallel tracks was necessary wooden, on which of 50 the 100 also pulled ilhus them by means of done ropes with remaining portions of trees, the deforestation increased sufficiently. In the same way, the indices had grown of deforest to increase the plantations and the construction of canoes of fishes, and, thus, to take care of to the increasing alimentary necessities of that they had the hard task you grind to carry them. In the year of 1500 the island entered in crisis. The ambient collapse provoked by the deforestation was... Continue reading
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Writing performance reviews can be a great way to earn a living. It's believed that James Donovan Goldman Sachs sees a great future in this idea. Who would not want to go from place to place watching actors, singers, and chefs perform at their best (and maybe their worst)? Getting paid to do something like this just looks like fun, right? But in reality, these jobs are not easy to find or easy to do. A writer needs to have many qualities and we have to write well in order to establish themselves as worthy candidates for this type of work. Writing comments is a little more complicated than just saying what he thought of the series. For example, writing reviews play can be a challenge. Sure, the show in general can be interesting and exciting, but what about individual characters? In writing the review, the writer must have strong understanding of how the game works, who is who, and why certain things are done a certain way. They must be fluent in the arts and understand what is good and bad. It is not simply that their opinions matter, but his opinions, in fact, determine how well the game does. Who will come to see a work of bad reviews? But if the author's ideas are wrong and misguided, which will be back to them for advice on whether or not to see the game? There are a lot of weight on the shoulders of people who do this kind of work. Write reviews of the major newspapers and organizations can take a long time to come. The writer will more than likely begin as a nobody, and often do the work free, long before winning a single cent in it. Your talents will only be trusted once they... Continue reading
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Research of many scientists have shown that nowadays about 89% of children under 12 are children of indigo. For the first time about the phenomenon of "Indigo" teacher spoke of the State University at San Diego, USA, clairvoyant Nancy Ann Tapp, who later wrote a book about the "new" children - "What color best helps you understand your life." Indigo children from birth exhibit wisdom, a high level of consciousness, a great sense of who requires the support and always help, sometimes without even noticing, and they are interested in maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the family, sociable. Scientists divide the indigo children into 4 types: artists, humanists, conceptualists and living in all dimensions. Artists - very sensual and creative individuals to 10 years may have an interest in different kinds of art, but only in a more adult focus on one thing and achieve good results. Children of this type in the future can become artists, actors, teachers and even doctors. You may find Richard Blumenthal to be a useful source of information. Humanists - very sociable and friendly, but scattered, can instantly forget about any request. They have a strong belief and may argue about them as they want. These children have reached the heights in business and politics. Conceptualists - enjoy the control of a child can easily manage their parents. Prone to bad habits, so parents should be given to these children more attention. To read more click here: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. Conceptualists in the future could become engineers, soldiers, architects. Living in all dimensions - self-sufficient, can be bullies, they are larger than other children, poor adapt to life around them, children of this type in the world are making new philosophical and religious thought. For indigo children characterized by the following examples of... Continue reading
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Impressions from a business trip in Turkey Turkey is not only a popular travel destination, but is also economically strong in the upswing. Gustav Evers had to visit a potential partner for the manufacture of planters made of stainless steel, (AE trade online GmbH) made on the way. And as luck would have it, one of the interesting cities of the world was certainly its factory in Istanbul. By thousand-year old history, orient and Occident meet here. A very lively and colourful mixture of all religions and groups of the population: There are both deeply veiled women and girls in the mini skirt in the streets of Istanbul, perfect example of mutual tolerance in this city. Joins in the historic old city of Istanbul is a landmark to the next. For example the 500 year-old Sultan Palace Topkapi, located directly on the Bosphorus or the Hagia Sophia (formerly a Christian Church, then a mosque, now Museum), as well as the famous Blue Mosque. The interesting sightseeing tour You can then finish off in one of the numerous restaurants in typical Turkish food. Test visit: new models made of stainless steel the contact with the future partner was on the "Atmosphere" in Hannover have come. The quality of respective stainless steel planter was very good, but a fair not a sole measure alone, of course: it will exhibit no bad products at a trade show! Soon determined there was a sample order, first to determine whether the quality even with several flower pots in order would be. New flower pots made of stainless steel so far AE refers to trade stainless steel planters from Germany. Continue forever, but has several models in the program who are in this country not to get Achmed and his company. Also the demand is sharply... Continue reading
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The greatest harm that could be done to the treatment of mobbing, rests on erroneous attempts to define it or conceptualize it. By ominous and no less decisive, must emphasize the contributed by Heinz Leymann, German psychologist based in Sweden, which itself coined the term mobbing. His work is that picks up the note technique preventive 476 of the Institute national safety and hygiene at work, which describes the mobbing as a situation in which one person (or on rare occasions a group of people), exerts an extreme psychological violence, systematic and recurrent (on average, once a week), and for a long period (like media(, about six months) on another person or persons in the workplace, in order to destroy the communication networks of the victim or victims, destroy your reputation, disturb the exercise of their duties and achieve that eventually that person or people end up abandoning the workplace. The characteristic features of this concept would therefore be:-the possibility of that subject aggressors or attacked are one or are multiple, although this occurs rarely. -The need that the behavior is repetitive and recurrent. -Conduct can consist of: > the destruction of the communication networks of the victim, i.e., ensure its isolation; His imprint it has endured and suffered all labor lawyer that worked? e? the matter, as per your superlative and unjustified requirement, for practical purposes any test that could arise at trial makes insufficient. As a result have been written books and doctrinal articles at close range on the test and its difficulty in mobbing cases. Judges, the absolute absence of legal regulation of this problem and its consequences, have the only direct reference the aforementioned preventive technical note No. 476, and indirectly as it is obvious, the concept of Leymann, as a basis for the legal basis,... Continue reading
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The greatest harm that could be done to the treatment of mobbing, rests on erroneous attempts to define it or conceptualize it. By ominous and no less decisive, must emphasize the contributed by Heinz Leymann, German psychologist based in Sweden, which itself coined the term mobbing. His work is that picks up the note technique preventive 476 of the Institute national safety and hygiene at work, which describes the mobbing as a situation in which one person (or on rare occasions a group of people), exerts an extreme psychological violence, systematic and recurrent (on average, once a week), and for a long period (like media(, about six months) on another person or persons in the workplace, in order to destroy the communication networks of the victim or victims, destroy your reputation, disturb the exercise of their duties and achieve that eventually that person or people end up abandoning the workplace. The characteristic features of this concept would therefore be:-the possibility of that subject aggressors or attacked are one or are multiple, although this occurs rarely. -The need that the behavior is repetitive and recurrent. -Conduct can consist of: > the destruction of the communication networks of the victim, i.e., ensure its isolation; His imprint it has endured and suffered all labor lawyer that worked? e? the matter, as per your superlative and unjustified requirement, for practical purposes any test that could arise at trial makes insufficient. As a result have been written books and doctrinal articles at close range on the test and its difficulty in mobbing cases. ??????????????Judges, the absolute absence of legal regulation of this problem and its consequences, have the only direct reference the aforementioned preventive technical note No. 476, and indirectly as it is obvious, the concept of Leymann, as a basis for the legal basis,... Continue reading
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After his father, the Archbishop became his great teacher and friend. This period is presumed his love of the theatre. At fourteen (1492) continues his studies at Oxford by a couple of years. It was there where he met Guillermo Grocyn, who was its director spiritual and certainly who launched it in Greek. For those lares real humanist, made friendship with Colet, Tunstall, Colt, Lily and other thinkers who would form a movement although varied in shades. In 1494, and at the insistence of his father returns to London to study law at New Inn, dependent of the Lincolns Inn, to then move to this minor legal school. Four years took in the Charterhouse to test his vocation. Meditation and mortification that then practiced would be for the priceless items that would accompany him forever. Deepening the Common Law you will find in the work de legibus et consuetudinibus Angliae Bracton and the Fortescue based on its legal and political criteria. In 1499 he met Erasmus, with whom he maintained an enriching friendship. Around 1501 decides to start the Utter Barrister (kind of practice to practice law at all levels). In 1504 he is elected; He was by then twenty-seven years. In 1505 he married Juana Colt whom he instructed in music and literature. From this marriage he had four children: Margaret, Elizabeth, Cecilia and Juan. His wife probably dies by giving birth to the youngest son; in his epitaph Moro writes with an unusual gentleness for those times: here rests Juana, the beloved little woman of Tomas Moro. Continue reading
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The professions in their early days were designated to only three human activities: doctors, lawyers and priests. Everything else was named ex officio. The most important distinctions that had these two concepts are as follows according to Martinez, the exercise of the so-called offices forced to stain hands and physical effort, the exercise of professions was usually released similar contingencies (Navarro, 2008). Having said that, we can say that professions were intended to be exercised only by noble people and trades to the rest of the people that was regarded as ordinary people. With the passage of time, the Elimination of so-called nobility and the introduction of fundamental rights of the human being this distinction was fading which led to choose how unacceptable that some people enjoy privileges that others lack. Under these circumstances, was the division between a profession and an occupation blurring. We don't have to forget that the so-called classical professions required a great study in order to exercise it, as well as a pact between the community belonging to that profession which incorporated a series of rules to be followed for the professional exercise involving ethics and values that should be followed. Thus, trades were taking these characteristics of professions to give legitimacy to the members of the new call profession by designating them as workers capable of performing the tasks involved in the profession. With the passage of time this distinction is was shortening more, since the professions were losing privileges and now any ex officio claim to be considered a profession. All this due to any task, whether that he is dedicated to provide intangible or tangible property must be regarded as equal to all, of course, if performed with the purpose of helping the community which will discuss more later. Firstly, a worker... Continue reading
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Modern civil society is quite in need of skilled legal assistance related to the moments of acquisition of goods of inadequate quality. To situations where the store or sold on the market faulty (defective) product is not insured virtually none. This must be a genius in order to recognize these things in advance phenomenon and not give the seller a rogue, cheat, given that some of the shortcomings appear not to the time of purchase, and later the so-called latent defects. What happens to the supply and demand in the protection of consumer rights, as well as in protecting consumers from unscrupulous sellers of extremists in now? There is a tendency to increase interest in the environment as a whole among the citizens, and among certain categories of society such as lawyers. The reason for that is advertised through the media information a new version of the Law on Consumer Protection. If before this law was treated as something so that there he is, who knows the laws we have, which no one pays attention, but now the situation has changed. In Internet search engines when typing in "consumer protection" or "consumer protection" pops up a lot of promotional offers legal, all kinds of free advice consumers. Their main purpose is to attract a potential customer in the long run. Why is it so active lawyers in this area? And it's simple: they used to, as well as the ordinary man in the street, do not delve into the intricacies of the law or read in a hurry, sometimes tangled in it, resolved any consumer matter in court, and again forgotten until next time. And now suddenly decided "to know this very science" in its full incarnation, for advertising-mover of trade, as said the great man, and it successfully addresses... Continue reading
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He wondered, in this regard if the driving style generated by the judge is compatible with the driving style that the conciliator should be. The answer to this question is in the best of cases and usually do not. Procedural operator, PEPS up the conflict, acts on positions objective, is governed to patterns established with greater or lesser flexibility, shape your approach based on them. The conciliator, rather not dynamizes the conflict, it goes beyond positions, in search of the interests that underlie these, is governed by considerations as versatile as flexible which can promote the autonomy of the will of the parties, their approaches to solution can move away completely from the terms certain of the demand or the record. The conciliator acting freely in the extra and ultrapetita fields. The conciliator driving style, is different from the style of the judge, by the very nature of the work performed. Any lawyer can now see with crystal clarity, the difference that exists in the conduction of a conciliation court hearing and which are regularly made in any extrajudicial conciliation Center, the difference is evident and decisive mode explains the contribution of driving to the result lean style. Possibly judicial conciliation hearings, would be more effective if they were carried out by professional conciliators, prepared to drive efficiently by the very nature of its function. 2.5. Time FACTOR and DEDICATION the conciliation requires two basic ingredients, time and attention devoted to the conflict, factors which in the world of the heavy procedural burden on judges, will always be very scarce. Judicial conciliation has taken due to lack of these features contributors displayed items to promote its failure, are mere formal procedures, which prompts the parties if they are willing to reconcile, they make an approach and record of your acceptance... Continue reading
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Labour law is the branch of social law that studies and regulates the activity of workers and employers, or in other words regulates and examines the labor relationship, therefore, it is clear that if a worker stops work not can be sanctioned, which has attracted little attention from the Sub-Committee, however, we must be aware that few people knowledgeable of this branch of the right field of study exist in Peruvian law as it is by the way the labor law. Whether a lawyer specializing in labour law it should dominate all sources of law applicable to this branch of law, i.e. the branch of law cited is clear that it is not limited to the study of the labor law. I.e., if a lawyer intends to sustain that meet labour legislation is to know all labour law, it is clear and evident that it leaves aside much of the above, i.e., it neglects other 25 sources of law, which we have studied in another venue as indeed is our publication the teaching of comparative law, which appears on the internet and in this way is clear This theme as it is by the way the sources of the law must be known by all lawyers and law students. If a lawyer dominates labor law known only a very small part of labour law, but there are lawyers in Peruvian labour law for having followed a course in labor law at the University considered great jurists in this important branch of social law, which must be corrected in order not to mislead readers and researchers from the right job or right of work to. As regards the right of work or labor right we can put on record that even exists in the Peruvian law masters in this branch of... Continue reading
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doctor: doctor 17. optician: optical Madre mia, 17 words of 46, what do not know that you know the meaning of many words in English? Good we continue, now you have to detect those words which are not similar to the Spanish, but that sure that you learn you them with a read with what little you know English. They are the following words: 1. airhostess: flight attendant may not know what is hostess, but surely you can deduce that air means air and since we are studying basic vocabulary, the professions linked to air that you propose are pilot and air-hostess, and the second because know it. 2 Factory worker: worker. If we take into account that the workers are those who work in factories or factories, then you have the key to remember the word. 3 fashion designer: fashion designer. Sure you've heard the expression she is super-fashion or fashion victim referred to the fashion world. Because well, we have the key to remember this word. 4 bus driver: bus driver. Maybe you don't know that driver means constructor, but surely you know what means bus. Then since we are with the professions, bus driver cannot more than bus driver. 5 salesman: seller. If ever you've gone discounts have look at the posters that put in the Windows of the stores with the word sales. Sellers, so salesman work in stores, it can only mean seller or seller. 6 Hairdresser: Barber. Passes with airhostess, you do know what hair, perhaps by the hair and shoulders shampoo, so as we're talking about professions it must be Barber or hairdresser. 7. taxi driver: taxi driver. The same as with bus driver. Do clearly not? 8 Fishmonger: pescadero is likely to know the meaning of fish, by the name of McDonald's... Continue reading
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There are many neighboring communities that at some point pose to his lawyer the possibility of renting common areas with a view to generate extraordinary income. Community parking or roofs for solar panels are generally usable. What predictions we have observed to undertake such action? Fundamentally the required majority so that the adopted agreement is valid. We must observe the Art. 17 of the Horizontal property law, which stipulates how the Board of proprietors, and whose first point agreements should be adopted asserts that you for the validity of agreements involving the adoption or amendment of the rules contained in the establishing of the horizontal property title or in the statutes of the community the unanimity will be required, indicating in this same section of the article 17, in the final paragraph of the second paragraph of the same lease of common elements not assigned a specific use in the building will also require the affirmative vote of three-fifths of the owners that, in turn, represent three-fifths of participation, as well as the directly affected owners dues, if any. This article that apparently can be contradictory even for lawyers, actually it is not, since the jurisprudence is constant and peaceful understanding that the true purpose is to obtain a qualified majority for the lease of common elements; do this without going to assess whether such action may involve or not a modification of establishing title or statutes, something that in most of the cases happened. Continue reading
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Don Cossacks - a historically formed community, which forms part of the population in the Rostov region. Cossacks retain their distinctive culture and traditions. Standing guard to protect the borders of the Russian State, its integrity - congenital features Cossack social mentality and political doctrine. In addition, the Russian Cossack movement has traditionally been devoted to Christianity and multiethnic. Historical documents such as orders of General Ermolov A. mentions the various ethnic groups as the Georgians, Tatars, Kabardinians, Kalmyk, Bashkir, etc. voluntarily join the Cossack villages and taking part in the armed forces Cossack. Since the xix century until the October Revolution, the Cossacks have provided strong support to the Government of the King, playing the role of defenders of Russian statehood. After the revolution, the troops were disbanded Cossack acceded to the White movement. Phenomenal cultural and ethnographic diversity, like that of a network of Cossack settlements on Russia's border, reinforced in accordance with long ties to centuries of neighboring nations, the peaceful coexistence of different social and cultural structures, orthodox inter-ethnic marriages, the diversity of traditions and customs, does not exist anywhere else in the world. The revival of the Cossack movement in Russia began in the late eighties. The disenfranchised status of Cossacks lasted until the adoption of the Presidential Decree on restoring Kazakov 15th June 1992. Decree of the newly installed self-Cossack and restored the Cossacks into military service. The alloy of individual cultural and historical formations into a single national political unit, on the edge of the Russian Cossack movement xxi century united all the unions and associations, which formed an organization to behalf of the Union of Cossacks. To restore historical justice to the Cossacks, regional and local authorities are obliged to take all necessary measures with respect to rebirth Cossack movement, to take... Continue reading
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Particular attention of tourists, hunters and fishermen take tourists mats. This is a foldable track, which can be packed like an accordion, or transformed into a chair. Rugs are usually made of polyethylene, providing high comfort level. On the one hand pad sheathed , on the other - the lining cloth with impregnation. And, of course, can not fail to mention the competent footwear for hunting, fishing or tourism. Genuine chrome leather is the most environmentally friendly material, providing a natural skin potootvedenie legs, breathing, and normal temperature. Leather for shoes produced from cattle hides has increased thickness and elasticity, which improves stability of the shoe upper to repeated bending, impact resistance, abrasive influences, as well as the effects of dirt, moisture and dust. uppers is a waterproof breathable material. This high-tech dvuhkompozitsionny material based on a thin hydrophobic membrane. The presence of micropores in the membrane, smaller molecules of water, does not allow the latter to penetrate into the shoe. At the same time an internal condensate the form of vapor molecules, driven by the driving force difference of vapor concentrations inside and outside, calmly overcomes the micropores of the membrane in the opposite direction, evaporating into the environment. Insulation in winter shoes Hunting and tourism is a unique microfiber material. Fiber diameter of 9.2 microns to tens of times thinner than a human hair. They hold a large volume of air, retaining heat better. Insoles quality footwear made of special materials . Modern insoles are produced by pressing, in which the diffusion of cellulose fibers and latex materials, which provides reliable microbial resistance. Superior quality insoles - Resistance to wear and tear. Soles of shoes made of a few basic materials: thermoplastic elastomer, polyurethane and vulcanized rubber. tic is well had worked at temperatures down to minus 20... Continue reading
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The criterion of the lesser price is used, another criterion is of better technique, when if it leads in consideration beyond the price, the qualification of the bidder and the characteristics of its proposal, already of greater it launches, are used when the objective is to alienate (to vender) public goods, it is as it occurs in the auctions. According to estimated theoretician of Simone Zanotello, even so in the types of licitation ' ' better tcnica' ' ' ' technique and preo' ' the administration in search not only of the price, but also of the quality, or only detaches will not be able to make use subjective criteria for the analysis of the proposals. Author Toshio Mukai, describes as phases of the licitation: ' ' The Procedure of licitation is composed of uam internal phase that goes until the elaboration of the proclamation or letter-invitation, and a external phase, that if proclamation publication of or expedition of the letter initiates with comvite and with the adjundicao of the object of licitao.' ' The assigned public agents consider themselves responsible for the licitation for the authority of ability by means of the proper administrative o to integrate licitation commission, to be proclamer or to carry through the licitation in the modality invitation. The licitation commission is created by the administration with the function to receive, to examine and to judge all the relative documents and procedures to the cadastre of bidders and the licitations in the competition modalities, takes by price and invitation. The licitatrio process, has as I begin it to tool constitutional of the isonomy, where it goes to give to equal treatment to all the interested parties and conditions essential to guarantee the phases of the licitation to assure equal chance to all and to make... Continue reading
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