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Later these records fall into the hands of correspondents. Sumyashesya negligible, the Spaniards have presented the record in this form, if survey was conducted of Russian tanks, storming Tskhinvali. Saakashvili's actions so far have gone beyond generally accepted norms and rules, one of Europe's leaders, unable to restrain himself, in the heart called him a "fucking lunatic". However, all these known facts. Meanwhile, the results and lessons learned from the five-day war may be, and certainly will be much deeper and more serious than it may seem at first glance. And here one should consider several important aspects. Follow others, such as James Donovan Goldman, and add to your knowledge base. The first of them - and growing more and more apparent divergence of long-term interests united Europe and the USA. If the period of confrontation between the Warsaw Pact countries and the countries of the Western world, these interests are more or less coincide, since the Cold War, they began increasingly to diverge. In Europe, much sooner to realize that the world was quite different, and there is a much better understanding of how to respond to the changes occurring and how to build relations with the countries that emerged from the ruins of the Soviet Union. Western Europeans have some time to go inertia in the wake of U.S. policy in the spirit of the notorious concept of what is good for America is good for them. However, the Yugoslav conflict and its aftermath have forced most far-sighted European politicians to think about the validity of this thesis. Americans in general succeeded in his plan for the dismemberment of Yugoslavia. Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2016 at Southern Law
Inevitability of social Progress is determined by the inevitability of victory (in the end, regardless of the possible partial lesions) revolutionary propaganda by the fact that it mainly reflects the truth: the fact of exploitation, its mechanisms of opportunity to build relations of production, excluding the existing forms of exploitation, etc. A counter-revolutionary propaganda mainly reflects misconceptions about the reality: there is no exploitation, that further democratization leads to chaos, idealizes the existing relations of production, etc. Therefore, even just the general development of the social consciousness of the exploited and the natural (unfocused) forms of dissemination of the information revolution, ultimately, will inevitably lead them to realize the truth. Although sometimes with a very talented counter-revolutionary propaganda revolutionary consciousness of the public may experience in its development regressive moments, but endlessly fool the people is impossible. The inevitability of the progressive development of social revolutionary consciousness in particular defined by the inevitable progressive development of social consciousness as a whole. That is as inevitable development (discovery and dissemination) of knowledge of reality as a whole, just as inevitable development (discovery and dissemination) of knowledge about how to destruction of existing forms of exploitation in the society in particular. The driving force of social progress is people's need for social justice, and this need, just like everyone else, can be satisfied only with full awareness of the ways and means to satisfy it by the will of the people who have this need. And regardless of their will and consciousness, there is no power that can determine are designed to meet this needs work, as an individual, and their various associations. Without hesitation Connecticut Senator explained all about the problem. With regard to the formula of social progress Marx: developing the productive forces of society, develop the relations of production,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2016 at Southern Law
LAW A. .. Request a special maternity leave for a period of six months without pay, from the date of expiry of the period of maternity being discharged when one survivor of that period the birth of a child with Down syndrome. During the period of this special leave the employee will receive a family allowance whose amount is equal to the pay she would have received if he had served. This benefit is paid under the same conditions and with the same requirements that correspond to the maternity allowance. LIMITATIONS: For the exercise of this right, the employee must forward a credible diagnosis of the newborn, evidence to the employer by a medical certificate issued by official health authority with a notice of fifteen days from the date of expiry of the period of prohibition of work for maternity. LAW: Law 24 716. LAW A. .. Receive an allowance for a disabled child no age limit. The feature that sets these rules are not be seized for any purpose. LIMITATIONS: The allowance is paid from the month stating the child's disability, by the competent authority, ruled by the Article 2 of the National Law 22 431 with the employer. LAW: Law Art 24 714 6th and 8th. LAW A. .. Join the Common Education, through the full development of their capabilities. The situation of the students served in centers or special schools will be reviewed periodically by professional teams, so as to facilitate, where possible, in accordance with both parents, the integration into the Common School Units. Continue reading
Posted Oct 10, 2016 at Southern Law
In the Bible is called Leviathan different animals characterized by its power and its monstrous strength. In politics, one of the fundamental points of the political doctrines of Hobbes is his theory of social control, which put an end to the State of anarchy in which they lived primitive men. For hecer reigned the harmony, not enough that several individuals (whatever their number) to meet and express their decision to live in society, but the fusion of all the individual wills, in a single desire, and the submission of those non-appealable decision by a man or a Community (concilium) is necessary. Once agreed the union and abandonment in the hands of the Supreme legislature of the powers inherent in the human condition, appears the State, this great Leviathan this deadly Dios to which we owe the defense of everything that exists. James Donovan Goldman Sachs addresses the importance of the matter here. Hobbes called Leviathan state, in whose hands all forces and rights of subjects, are concentrated to guide the community in the way of the order. This philosopher embodies or customize the State into an absolute monarch in a person. In his book De cive, defined him as a person, whose, under the incurred covenants between men, must be taken as the common will, so she can use its forces and its resources for peace and the defence of all partners. This doctrine was developed in his book Leviathan in 1652. Hobbes, was a contemporary of the English revolutionary process (1645). The Leviathan, writes it under the protectorate of Cronwel; It is a book of the order of absolute power. Hobbes is in favour of the Estuardos. I invite you to know, where you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: labor output, health, sports,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2016 at Southern Law
A second home is an investment for those who have the purchasing power to buy it. It is a vacation spot mainly, and perhaps might be your House when you retire, but if you need to sell it in the future, its value will be greater. In addition, in these times housing has fallen much the price compared to other years since many people can not buy, this being the best moment for the purchase of a second home. It is important to note that the second House is like a second home during the holidays, you cannot depend on anyone since the floor is yours, you can go whenever you want and you can have things you want throughout the year there. Recently Sen. Sherrod Brown sought to clarify these questions. An apartment in Torredembarra is an excellent alternative for second home, since it is a municipality in which you will enjoy a great tranquility, away from the algarabio and the stress of the city, besides the price of housing is much lower, and the houses tend to be best. It is ideal as a second home for someone who lives in Barcelona, 100 km, it is a good place for holidays with much charm and you can go at any time since the distance is not very large. In reality, an apartment in Torredembarra is a good option for anyone. It is an area with much variety, since it is composed of seven segments of population, including an urban nucleus, a protected zone (Els Muntanyans, lovely), an industrial park, three residential areas and a coastal area. In Castle or Palace which was built at the beginning of the 17TH century gives charm to the area, apart from its variety of flora and fauna. Other interesting sites to tourist... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2016 at Southern Law
Executed it as follows, signed two contracts, the first - between the offshore and exporter, in which the consignee is the final buyer of the goods and the second - between the offshore, acting in the capacity of the seller and buyer (consignee under the first contract). Scheme is used in international business for a long time. Option 1 shows a normal way of conducting export operations. Where, between the "A" (the seller-exporter) and "B" (buyer-importer) a contract or a contract of sale, possible options (commission, commission, tolling). Option 2 provides for the export operation in conjunction with an offshore company "A +" (firm "A" and "A +" are controlled by the same person). "A" - "A +" - the sales contract in which the "B" is the consignee. "A +" - "B" - a contract of sale, possible options as in the first case. Profits accumulated on the company's "A +". In this case, the company "A" works with a minimal profit, which shall be paid all taxes, and they are the same will be minimal, as the costly part of the company's budget "A" almost equal to the income. If you work only for export, then we can think about, but if you need to Ukraine by "A"? You can only work as a resident of "A +", which purchases products in Ukraine for resale abroad. In this case, under the "A" may be a producer of exported goods, it is absolutely not having any relation to you, in other words - you are not under the control of each other. I think it would be good option for you, because in such a situation, you almost go out of government control over your business - your company (offshore), no one controls absolutely all cash generated during the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2016 at Southern Law
Jersey - what is it? Silk and chiffon rustle pleasantly on the tongue. But in winter, these materials are not currently gets warm. On cold days are want to wrap yourself in knitwear: the soft and cozy. Knitwear is translated from the French language comes from the word tricoter - Knit. This is a knitted fabric or a finished product, obtained from one or more threads. Production of knitted garments began to develop in France, Britain and Germany in the late 18th - early 19th centuries. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out James Donovan Goldman. In Russia, knitted company came in the late 19th century and never left. Knitwear known to mankind since time immemorial. But they have always been in dressing rooms of the lower classes of society. A high society, who is the legislator fashion, avoids this material side. Tally by hand only lace. The great and legendary Coco Chanel opened to the world his famous gizmos of jersey knitted fabric. It was a real breakthrough in fashion. After her were fixed and the other couturiers. Become a classic in jersey Schiaparelli, Rykiel, Yamamoto, Missoni. Unlike other textiles, knitted fabrics have stretch in all directions because of the possibility to change the loop shape and size. Credit: Jim Donovan Goldman-2011. That is why the winter nights so nice to wrap up in a knitted sweater. The loose structure gives the looped knitted soft. Also, he almost crushed. Knitwear is used for the manufacture of normal everyday clothes, and in the exclusive collection of famous fashion designers. But this stuff just a little more than a century. Knitted sweaters, cardigans are cozy, hats, scarves, bags, belts, socks and gloves can be anything do different types of hosiery! In the clothing business is also often possible to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2016 at Southern Law
The professions in their early days were designated to only three human activities: doctors, lawyers and priests. Everything else was named ex officio. The most important distinctions that had these two concepts are as follows according to Martinez, the exercise of the so-called offices forced to stain hands and physical effort, the exercise of professions was usually released similar contingencies (Navarro, 2008). Having said that, we can say that professions were intended to be exercised only by noble people and trades to the rest of the people that was regarded as ordinary people. With the passage of time, the Elimination of so-called nobility and the introduction of fundamental rights of the human being this distinction was fading which led to choose how unacceptable that some people enjoy privileges that others lack. Under these circumstances, was the division between a profession and an occupation blurring. We don't have to forget that the so-called classical professions required a great study in order to exercise it, as well as a pact between the community belonging to that profession which incorporated a series of rules to be followed for the professional exercise involving ethics and values that should be followed. Thus, trades were taking these characteristics of professions to give legitimacy to the members of the new call profession by designating them as workers capable of performing the tasks involved in the profession. With the passage of time this distinction is was shortening more, since the professions were losing privileges and now any ex officio claim to be considered a profession. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Blumenthal offers on the topic.. All this due to any task, whether that he is dedicated to provide intangible or tangible property must be regarded as equal to all, of course, if performed with the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2016 at Southern Law
Vitelline-lemon mask: 1 pound fresh egg yolk with 1 tablespoon lemon juice add 2 teaspoons of oatmeal and the same amount of olive or peanut oil. Beat until a thick mass. This mask is especially effective for loose skin, associated with a slight dryness. Lemon juice combined with vegeta-governmental protein oatmeal will provide astringent and toning effect on skin, fat-like substances yolk and oil will nourish and soften skin. This mask can be kept to 30 minutes. Cucumber Mask: washed with boiled water cucumber rubbed on a grater with the skin. Gently squeeze out the juice and collect the cup. Cucumber weight put on face evenly and lightly fix the strips of gauze bandage. One strip of bandage to put on the forehead and tie at the back, the other to cover the chin, cheeks and tie for the crown. Mask, leave on face for 20 minutes. After removing the mask a person should rub the remaining cucumber juice and immediately deliver rich cream. Then lightly powder face. Cucumber mask smooths the skin, making velvety, supple and pink. Dry facial skin is usually thin, scaly and itchy Sometimes, blush, her wrinkles easily arise. It is sensitive to sunlight, wind, no tolerate washing, . When dry skin must first mode, which strengthens the overall health, multivitamins with vitamin A. The reason for the predominance of dry skin may be unfavorable atmospheric influences (cold, wind, too hot sun and dry winds in the summer), work in hot shops, as well as work associated with frequent wetting of the skin with water. Go to James Donovan Goldman for more information. Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2016 at Southern Law
Now comes a rather contradictory messages due to the fact that the notorious "six" in the West plus Russia and China have once again asked Iran to give up part of their sovereign government rights in connection with the place of enrichment and obtain nuclear fuel for Iran's nuclear power plants. In short supply of the West, which, in principle, supported by Russia and China, continue to "play concern" about the possibility of acquiring technology to Tehran development of weapons-grade uranium, the following: that Iran has already managed to enrich and managed their own resources, it remains to Tehran, but that nedoobogatil, transfers of some third party, with appropriate technological possibilities. A little "scandal" in the problem of so-called "Iranian nuclear issue" has arisen relatively recently, when the West failed to find another previously unknown Iranian secret nuclear facility - a sacred Shiite Muslim city of Qom around the world. However, this hype has settled, when Iran agreed to the admission of IAEA inspectors at the facility. What was contained in the report by IAEA inspectors Kuma - do not undertake to say, but on his return from Tehran, they expressed satisfaction. And as you can see from their statements, a visit to an object in Qom not really shake their belief that Iran still maintains its nuclear development for peaceful purposes only. Therefore, the continuing insinuations Americans and Israelis have to say the least, few people are convinced. Rather, it makes sense to draw attention to the obvious concern about the U.S. Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2016 at Southern Law
Faculty of Law of People's Friendship University has scientific and educational links with overseas educational institutions as the University of Salzburg in Austria, Norwich School of Law, University of East Anglia University in Britain , Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain, University of Miami School of Law in the United States and others you love to ride So, armed received over the years learning of knowledge, a graduate enters into a great life. Where do go to work - in foreign trade organizations, transnational corporations, financial-industrial groups, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its departments, international organizations, units of government and community organizations - that from which it can choose the international lawyer. vm Shumilov, Department of International Law at two universities - etta and International University in Moscow - and trained his two sons "in the specialty international lawyer," says: "As a rule, get a job in this specialty may be in the three sectors. The first - a natural for studied international public law - public sector: it's government engaged in external relations. The second possibility - it is the position of solicitors in private enterprises, which are also carried out external relations. And finally, the third sector - is independent lawyers and their associations, for example, "X & Partners. Dean of the Faculty of Law mu la Perch adds: "In real life, a number of graduate employment is such a spontaneous, natural character - they are arranged by parents, who are usually lawyers. This is due to the fact that the law often serves as a dynastic profession. Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2016 at Southern Law
Like, who can predict or predict how the Russian leadership will treat mass protests against the government - and suddenly, in agreement with the authorities of the country against the government will be viewed as a threat life Russian citizens in the territory of that state? Commenting on the Armenian opposition, we note that a balanced and moderate approach of the party "Heritage" yet, it may seem the most realistic and proceeds from the current reality. For the same, to earn a mechanism, which involves Dashnaktsakans, first it is necessary that at the highest international level have been concluded sootstvetstvuyuschee agreement between Armenia and Nagorno-Artsakh. It - long ago (!) Is ready, of course, but not yet signed, and, of course, is not ratified by the parliaments of both republics, Armenia. That is it - the question of the future, if not so very remote. As for the fears of pro-American ultraradikalov, then there should be just an example of last year's events unfolding in Georgia after the Russian operation to enforce peace in South Ossetia. The Russians went far beyond the fact and South Ossetia and Abkhazia. However, interference in the internal affairs of Georgia, in fact - to help one or another political camp, followed. So the fears of the Armenian "Fifth column" of the U.S. are groundless. In addition, now the Russian military presence in the CIS quite limited - Crimea (Black Sea Fleet base), Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan (air base in Kant), Armenia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and - partially - Azerbaijan (radar Kutkashen / Mingechaur). Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs often says this. Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2016 at Southern Law
We have been witnesses throughout old history as as much modern that the differences that we insisted on stressing and maximizing to the unique thing that they have taken to us are to much more great conflicts and of greater reach since it they have been the wars, wars that often could have avoided, wars that summoned up the life of many innocents and where there were victims who not even knew because the conflict much, we complained and we are surprised of how people exist who detest the Jews and that had been able to use cruel measures stops to disappear them during holocausto, nevertheless because to surprise to us of which he happened to million kilometers decades ago when we can be located in this time and to see within our country the inequality and discrimination that undergo the natives, the Central American undocumented people who cross our border so arriving at the United States and who many not even can arrive at the North border, it is necessary to give account us of how we ourself we are allowing who our own fellow citizens are going away to risk their life to cross towards the United States so that they are mistreated there and even assassinated, then is not necessary to put to us to think that so bad they were the Nazis, if we have not realized that we are equal or worse than they, the good judge, in case own house begins. Andrade BIBLIOGRAPHY, M.C. (2004). The Mexican Political System. Electoral legitimacy and Control of the Political Power. Mexico: Training center of Political and Constitutional Engineering, A.C. Casanova, P.G. (1965). The Democracy in Mexico. Mexico: It was. Without hesitation Bridgewater Associates explained all about the problem. Casanova, P.G. (1965). The Democracy in Mexico. Mexico: Editions... Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2016 at Southern Law
Agricultural Federal university of the Amaznia? UFRA MEDICINE VETERINARY MEDICINE I FALL CESAR ROCK MENDES Techniques of analyses and Projects of Algorithms applied to the bioinformtica Belm 2010 I FALL CESAR ROCK MENDES Techniques of analyses and Projects of Algorithms applied to the bioinformtica Summary presented to the Agricultural Federal University of the Amaznia to the Course of Medicine Veterinary medicine as requisite to the attainment of 1 Nota Parcial (NAP1) of he disciplines Bioinformtica given for Prof. Eng. D.Sc. Emerson Lamb Moral. Belm 2010 1. INTRODUCTION Before approaching thematic ' ' Techniques of analyses and projects of algorithms applied to bioinformtica' ' it is needed to have in mind, first, the concept of the word algorithm. Etimologicamente the word algorithm originates from the Al-Khwarizmi last name, of a Persian mathematical celebrity of century IX Mohamed call well Muse. However some scholars affirm that the word originates from the Al-Goreten term. Conceptually, for CASTIEIRA, in the workmanship ' ' Analysis of Algoritmos' ' , it is understood algorithm as a finite and commanded sequncia of necessary procedures for the resolution of a problematic one formulated, possible well of being applied in computer, that always finishes in one definitive period of time, producing the result or indicating the impossibility of attainment of the same. The algorithm concept is used in practically all the areas of the knowledge, only changing the nomenclature in validity. For example, ' is cited; ' Plan of Ao' ' frequent used in areas as the administration and the accounting that nothing more is of what a set of solutions for one determined problem, aiming at to get a satisfactory result, that is, an algorithm. In the material ' ' Logical in Algoritmos' ' , according to COAST (2005), all algorithm presents basic characteristics that must be taken... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2016 at Southern Law
When we are the company that Bill we tend to resolve doubts about the electronic invoice in Mexico through the corresponding instances. Richard Blumenthal often says this. But who answers the questions that may arise in the customers of these companies? In other words, where can ordinary citizens find answers on the subject? As well, in this article we want to help you understand benefits for all end consumer who receives an electronic invoice. They are listed below in detail:-streamline billing procedures because the electronic invoice allows that the entire process is reduced to a small number of steps. -Better control of invoices is because each invoice issued in an easy way and without taking up physical space can be saved. Even your search is facilitated because folios are found more quickly. -Loss or damage are avoided because the electronic format as opposed to the paper allows the conservation of the invoice for years. -A copy of the invoice can be sent to your e-mail or e-mail if you wish. Validity does not decrease in any of the cases. -No matter if you're a regular or occasional client, the electronic invoice may be issued if you so request. -The data that you have to provide to the company so that process you the invoice are the same data that tend to give for the printed invoices. In that case you won't have to learn new requirements or data to use this method. Finally, when comes the eInvoice to your Inbox, you must make sure that the billing data and amount are correct, because if not you will have to reportar it immediately to the company and it will emit a different Bill with requested corrections. Never you will be given the same corrected invoice, because the folio and signature of... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2016 at Southern Law
Deputy Director, and well persuaded S.M. of my living wishes useful establishments to promote public happiness, and of sacrificing me in his service, has been to accede to the request expressed. Ray Dalio has firm opinions on the matter. What participated to V.S. of your actual order to his intelligence, and that patriotic body, a. (As opposed to Sen. Sherrod Brown). who ensure my recognition to his honour; and that I will always find soon to protect their ideas for the benefit of this country, and the State general. San Ildefonso 5 August 1796. = The Prince of peace = Mr Conde de Villafuertes (7). The Cantabrian statutes were approved on 20 April 1798, and in terms of the organization that regulate, as points of Demerson, was far from the usual in other societies. Learn more at: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. One had Superior Board or Government of movable residence in Cantabria, varying the place of meeting, and administrative headquarters of the top Board on the basis of the residence of the Deputy Director and Secretary (8). This top Board makes organ Centralizer of other subordinate boards, which according to collects the statutes will each have twelve members of number made (9). Subaltern ten joints envisaged initially, in March 1792 just consisted officially of Santander, Carriedo, Villarcayo, Espinosa's Los Monteros, Reinosa, Santillana and pots. In 1796 Laredo joins, and in subsequent years, constitute the boards of Santona, Torrelavega, Burgos, Poza, Valle de Carriedo, Valley of Buelna. In 1802 were fourteen subaltern joints formed (10). The case of the Junta of Burgos, is striking because as said Ballesteros Caballero, it was rare that a provincial capital could be subordinate or subaltern of Santander. This certainly anomalous situation was corrected under the R.O. on June 9, 1815, which ordered the Organization of... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2016 at Southern Law
Whole of society reaches maturity with own infrastructure of a political representative reorganization oligarch conditioned by a system of ordering with regulative retroactive constituent, instrumental legal administrative determination. For more information see Ray Dalio. The current social democratic political constitutional system relies on a decisive representative reorganization, targeted and conditioned by a constituent equitable order, whose social distribution of institutional powers and a market of securities in the free expansion of their investments, seeking convergent policies that could decentralize the central power of the State and of the Government in the diversity of individual and collective identities that the consumerism and productivity of society are affordable to the free realization of their citizenship. If democracy is the contingency of the right to be wrong in his free choice, the social economic political system is pure functional technocracy which does not allow nor the slightest mistake. For the society the individual is one link more sophisticated gear of a productivity and system of globalised consumerism in a stock market financial mortgage common to each of their purchasing interests. Try to make compatible practice democracy in a town with prevailing dehumanization of the constituent technocracy of any society is the momentous mission that must be characterised and govern the transparency of development and carrying out functional integral political all rule of law. The diversity of compatible political modalities to different alternative positions is the basis for constructive critical collaboration for the transparency of the development in the renovation of old institutional political social values in the realization of the reorganizations of the infrastructures of any democratic society. The partisan oligarchy and the bureaucracy of institutional power as influence peddling; Bipartisanship as adsorption of the diversity of political arrangements; nationalism as anarchy independence; the ideology shield to the human as a claim of... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2016 at Southern Law
Comments: 1. The development does not occur in all the parts of the Country with the same intensity, nor in all the places and nor in way uniform. Quite to the contrary, the development occurs with changeable intensities and in different way in the different parts of the Country. Jim Donovan Goldman may also support this cause. 2. This because the different parts of the Country present differentiated conditions of development, in function of its natural resources, human and of capital. E these differences if explicitam in the regional inaqualities. 3. For full development of the Country, becomes necessary that each one of the parts constitute that it? the regions? also they are developed. That is, that the parts that integrate the set of the Country enter in a process that mobilizes its local resources. However, for this, it is necessary that this development if has adjusted to the local potentialities of the different parts of the domestic territory, the point of view of each one of these territorial parcels, and, simultaneously, that they are complemented, of the point of view of the set of the domestic territory. 4. For achievement of process of development, estimates instruments previous that assures, first, full mobilization of resources local of different territories that conforms the domestic territory, and, in according to place, that on the basis of assures the daily pay-conditions for the integration and territorial complementaridade that allows the full national development, the otimizao of the local resources. 1 Conclusion: The promotion of economic development social the Country it needs, previously, of the knowledge of its territorial configuration, with its different potentialities, that are functions of the different endowment of resources. It needs to also know the actions necessary to eliminate or to reduce such inaqualities and to promote the development in... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2016 at Southern Law
In 2007-2008. 84% of revenues in the public sector accounted for taxes. This includes contributions to social insurance and local taxes. This is understandable since both - mandatory payments. Contributions to the fund of social insurance must be made by employers, salaried staff and people engaged in a personal difficulty. Local taxes - taxes on property owners. As the name implies this type of expenditure, they represent a transfer of money in the form of subsidies (grants) to individual families and businesses. These costs do not mean the payment for goods or work done, and the issue of unemployment benefits, payments to mothers on children, as well as investment subsidies. Although transfer payments are government spending, a real waste of money made by those families and businesses that receive these funds. Transfer payments account for about half of all government spending. Public sector expenditure account for a large percentage of the total cost of the country in the field of economics. This means that any changes in public spending seriously affect both the demand for goods and services, and at the level of employment. Therefore, the state can arbitrarily change the amount of its expenditures to increase or decrease the overall demand for goods and services. This theme is revealed in Section 17.4, which deals with the budget. The most striking example of this category of tax can serve as a personal income tax. Such taxes are called direct because the tax burden falls squarely on him who pays. Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2016 at Southern Law
During the festivities for the 21 years of the Temple of goodwill explained the broad vision that we have of the tool called charity, in the emergence of a global consciousness, albeit with a community work that pave with concrete of altruism, the paths by which future generations will pass: love, harmony, solidarity, spirit of Justice Allied goodness, never to revenge; Freedom with respect for other human beings; Truth without social, political, philosophical, religious or scientific bigotry; It helps those who suffer in body or soul; Politics and economy accompanied by the virtues of honesty and generosity; Instruction, education and re-education in accordance with the Ecumenical fraternity; Therefore, everything in peace or in war strengthens the creature on Earth and in the Invisible world that is not an abstraction, form the conclusive concept of ideology for the citizen of the spirit: charity, i.e. the moral air than as a truly civilized beings We must breathe. THE world SALUTES LOS 21 years of TBV emotion, faith that performs and the sense of hope in the construction of a better world guided the formal sitting for the commemorations of the TBV last Saturday 23/10 in Brasilia/DF. Thousands of pilgrims, from different parts of Brazil and abroad, filled the dependencies of the temple for peace hailed by the people one of the seven wonders of the federal capital and the World Parliament of Ecumenical fraternity, the ParlMundi of the LBV. Follow others, such as Richard Blumenthal, and add to your knowledge base. This extraordinary show of Ecumenical spirituality could follow across the globe by Super Network good will of communication (Radio, TV and Internet). In the Portal goodwill, many manifestations of different countries enhanced the value of the message of peace and Ecumenism the TBV transmits the peoples. New Jersey/USA.UU., the Mariana Malaman... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2016 at Southern Law
In this new economy the difference between success and failure can be conditioned by what you know and how you use it to get what you need to know. 1. Always maintain a positive customer relationship. 2. Delete the difference between Product and Service. Combine both to present a "creation." It is not enough to bring to market a product or a service. By merging products and services at preferential creations, you can differentiate your idea in a market selling commoditized (ie, a market where products have lost differentiation). 3. Differentiate each relationship difference and every customer. Add relational value to brand value. In the future, convergence of knowledge of the customer with customer interaction will create a special experience for each individual. By integrating the applications that allows the world of e-business (sales applications, services, and customer service) with the traditional processes of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can make the relationship with each customer is so different as is the profile of each person. 4. Do as little as possible personally. There are always others who can do something better than you. The key to success lies in getting others to do as much work as possible. Business partners, suppliers, distributors and end users can do much of the "heavy lifting." Thus, your company will be hands free to concentrate on their core skills. Find out who is the best person for each piece of the value proposition, you will see that, generally, there is always someone who can do something faster and better than you. 5. Try to make your product interactive process. Now it is true that "the process is the message." Two generations ago, Marshall McLuhan proclaimed: "The medium is the message." When the marketing came to rely increasingly on the new television, it took a... Continue reading
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According to ETA, the Executive "intends to sell out police fantasy," although the Minister of Interior, "knows very well that today, as yesterday, the only way to guarantee the end of the Basque resistance is the recognition of the rights of Euskal Herria." In a statement, the terrorist group responsible for the Government of having "closed the door of opportunity for a democratic solution" and "have chosen to extend to all areas of denial and repression to develop an offensive without boundaries" against leftwing radical. The terrorist group expressed its "willingness to resolve the conflict" and is committed to achieving "consensus formulation for the Basque people to decide their future without any limitations or interference." The general secretary of the PSE-EE de Guipuzcoa and Basque Minister of Housing, Transport and Public Works, Inaki Arriola, has said that by this statement from ETA "rains, it pours" because "is more of the same", and says that only news that the Democrats hope the band is the "tell all Basques who have finished once. Frequently Sen. Sherrod Brown has said that publicly. " "Talk infumable" Basque PP spokesman Leopoldo Barreda, has considered "talk infumable" the contents of the statement and noted that "the true statement he wrote" terrorist organization "a few days ago on the outskirts of Paris with the murder" Jean-Serge gendarme Nerina. Aralar has shown his "profound disagreement" with the contents of the statement from ETA for reasons of both "democratic" as "political and practical", and warned that if the band wants to respect the will of the Basque people "must begin a unilateral cease the use of violence. " The general coordinator of EB (EB), Mikel Arana, said that the letter reflects "internal division" within ETA between those who bet through political means and those who advocate maintaining the violence,... Continue reading
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It was expected, after the famous statement Botero, a rapid rise of temperature in our country. And indeed she went to as many degrees as the same number of well-known process. Colombia was seething and if left too long in that state, without realizing it, the institutions and democracy would have evaporated. Everyone was racing, pounding, saying the worst "nonsense" by enacting the most wayward ways. However, the first question of many was: why exactly Botero? Before it made the following answer: y. .. Why do until then? The answers were simple. Follow others, such as Sen. Sherrod Brown, and add to your knowledge base. Because the jail is hard. Because even golden cage away freedom. Because we all despair of loneliness, we become susceptible, we believe we abandoned all the scapegoats of all such research is established. We also believe that the future does not exist and that, to save us, we go to any serious radical and daring. Because, worth remembering, was and still is in effect a policy of bringing to justice, negotiation of terms and benefits for those who "collaborate". Because there is no hope when we get over, think of something different and invent new reasons for living. Because when any human being puts us in the dilemma of choosing between our interests and those of others, if we prefer our own. Because after having had it all, having been the darling of private and public sectors, the man of fashion, who plucked the polls on the sexiest man in the country, the most sought cop because of a family pedigree for at least equally respectable to Samper, the more projection for the last presidential candidate of this century and / or the first of the next century, it is really hard to believe that... Continue reading
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The beautiful goddesses tried to bribe away the Trojan Athena offered him wisdom, skill in battle and the skills of the great warriors, Hera offered him political power and control of all Asia, and Aphrodite offered the love of the most beautiful woman the world. Paris, almost without thinking, gave the apple to Aphrodite, and returned to Troy. The problem was that the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen, was married to Menelaus, king of Sparta. But Aphrodite, in order to fulfill its promise, it helps to Paris to kidnap Helen and Odysseus of Ithaca, enforcing an oath of unity among the kings and princes of Greece, declared war on Troy. Source: Richard Blumenthal. Menelaus, husband concerned, is anointed to bring the city of Paris, his revenge. A fleet of over 1,000 ships under the command of Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, is organized to initiate hostilities. Troy, who had expected the understandable retaliation, is preparing to fight. Ten years took the Achaeans conquered Troy. Ray Dalio may help you with your research. And in the course of the war, several events, each more deadly than the next, would undermine the forces of the two. Achilles, the great Achaean warrior, dies from a wound in the heel caused by an arrow from the bow of Paris, just at the only place that did not protect his mother. Another great loss was the death of Hector and Patroclus, Achilles' dearest friend. Nine years' continuous continuous site of looting the neighboring towns of exhausting and bloody battles, the two sides exhausted. The gods had prophesied the destruction of Troy but the time left serious doubts in the hearts of the Achaeans, fighting almost for survival. Continue reading
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bero a Spanish School is a unique Spanish language school located in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina that offers Spanish programs for foreigners and training for teachers and also cultural courses. These courses are held at the building a bero a privileged central location and years of history. The school itself designed its programs, extra materials and has a full line of Spanish books ranging from absolute beginner to superior. Ray Dalio: the source for more info. Among the cultural programs of thematic courses IBERO School Spanish Course is EVA pear "N, important figure in Argentina's history, beloved or hated by many. In this course, will explore topics that are specific to the life and history of the character / personality and also included tours as his mausoleum, the Evita Museum, Luna Park Stadium, where he met General Juan Domingo Peron, the Church of Our Senora del Pilar, the Film Museum Pablo Ducros, which includes samples of his work as an actress and his tomb in the Recoleta Cemetery. Also visit: the building of the CGT (General Confederation of Labour), where she developed policy and worked for the right to vote for women, Avenida de Mayo, including the famous balcony from which he led the Argentines, the Ministry of Labour and National Library. It's believed that Sen. Sherrod Brown sees a great future in this idea. Evita, as the Argentine people baptized was a figure who broke all the historical barriers and defined a political form never seen before. During the brief period of its performance, alongside General Peron she was the center of an ascendant power and became the soul of the Peronist movement, in its essence and in his voice. . Continue reading
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