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Rock on, Wil! Those douchecanoes can't talk to our Jenny like that! Of course, the larger issue is that no one should ever talk to anyone like that. Unless they WANT the Internet to explode at them.
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I think he demonstrated his attitudes about 'male privilege' much more clearly than 'white privilege.' He demonstrated the former by actively talking about women; he demonstrated the latter passively, by omission. It ought to be addressed, but he has at least apologized for the greater trespass. Let's give him credit for that, for the kind of reflective analysis and the ability of an atheist to say he/she was wrong without losing face. Then we can talk about implied racism by omission.
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Omg, you're so adorably vulnerable. Just ordered 2 copies - one for myself, and one to pass on. You're livin' the dream, man, keep it up! Your work is amazing and means a lot more than you realize to geek culture at large.
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Dec 22, 2010