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alt7787, I agree with you--Ralph Friedgen knows very well that if he loses to FIU on Saturday his coaching days at Maryland are over (whether after the game or season). That's another reason why we have no business feeling over-confident in this game. They are NOT taking FIU lightly and will be well prepared. Pete, great job on the interview with Dr. Rosenberg. I just want to go on the record and state that I do NOT want all gold uniforms for FIU---only gold helmets and pants. Also, I just want to remind Dr. Rosenberg that there are 17 colleges or universities with the nickname "Panthers". Only 1 has the nickname "Golden Panthers." My question to him is whether he truly believes FIU is unique. More importantly, can you give us an update on the status of several key players for FIU this Saturday: Jonathan Jackson, James Jones, Dudley LaPorte, Dave Istanich and Larvez Mars?
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Pete, who is making the decisions on which QB plays--Coach Cristobal or Coach Satterfield? I'd be disappointed to hear if Coach Satterfield, being a former QB and QB coach, doesn't have control over that decision.
Awesome to have you back! It feels like we were swimming upstream at the Herald since you left. Too bad about the recruiting news, that was always one of my favorite topics. But even without it, your blog goes to the top of the bookmark list once again!
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Pete, Love the reference to the 48-0 blowout in UM's last game ever at the Orange Bowl at the hands of the University of Virginia. It was an early round knockout and another sign that the former champ's better days are over. A couple of questions for Coach Cristobal: 1. Are there any transfers we can expect to see in FIU uniforms this coming year? There was talk of a few a couple of weeks back, but I haven't heard anything since. 2. What players have made the biggest improvements in the off season from last years roster? 3. Are there any particular areas that you and your staff will be focusing on harder than others in the 2009 recruiting class?
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