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Manuela Spankus
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hi Mr. Wheaton, Excuse the bad translation processing but I can not speak English / American I use the google translator. I want to tell them how wonderful I found it on the fedcon xx come to Germany / Dusseldorf are. I was and am still so happy that I could see them and could get me a autograph and picture. they have no idea how long I've been waiting for this to come to us after Germany. I have hope they have their low point at the beginning of fedcon xx left well behind. But they made ​​no impression on me very happy when I picked up my autograph I'm one way, to the group that gave them the cake I made ​​WHILE which the photos. :o) I hope we were not too intrusive. when I shot the photo with them I wanted to ask her if I could hug her, but I'm not married and it was indeed all that fast. I was really happy when they "hi " they said to me before the shoot. for me it was bad but I could not see in their panels because we were just there Friday and Saturday, it made ​​me very angry. and otherwise I have not seen it. well, I now have my photo and autograph, and I will continue to worship as I've already done a teeny. I hope I did not write angry with my
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May 2, 2011