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I agree, I just haven't been enthusiastic about DC lately either, well, except for the Bat books. The Batman, INC stuff not so much (seriously... Bruce... I think you took the wrong lesson from your camping trip in the paleolithic)... And I am not happy that the Bat books' only hero of color (Cassandra) was pushed out for a blonde haired, blue eyed Batgirl... I have been enjoying Stephanie's stories. I also dig the hell out of Dick and Damian as Batman and Robin. It's a completely different dynamic than we're used to. Batman cracks the jokes and Robin plays the straight man. But yeah, I get where your coming from. As much as I like the Bat books (Batman inc aside, again), the books are bloated with characters, and some of the other titles are getting the same way. They're spreading themselves too thin with too many complex story lines and it'll all come crumbling down eventually, and we'll have to have another crisis. I can't even keep them straight any more, they've had too many. It pains me to say, DC is my preferred company, but yeah, it's all true. there's a lot of new ideas and good writing that's very raw right now, but it seems like the industry may be on the way to The Next Big Thing... I hope so... I'm getting kind of bored with this whole "lets just kill people to show them how serious we are!" thing, and the whole "Oh we've made a mess out of our universe... lets just reboot it with an event!" thing.
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Mar 24, 2011