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I took several programming courses in college (I graduated in 1980) and loved them. I would happily write and debug code through the evening to dawn. I remember the hours of getting the variables set up in my head as I tried to figure out what was off. It was obvious to me that I could have been a coder and that I would always have been second rate. The others in these intro courses were faster and more accurate than I am. I'm now late into a career in the tech world and those early experiences have always helped me understand what the programmers are doing and feeling as they work. I've spent my career in product marketing and management. Just saying, coding is a great background for all sorts of things. Feel free to move on, you'll find the background useful. BUT, I have worked with many x-coders who were not too good at the non-coding jobs that they had shifted into. A coding background is useful but still, you'll need to be competent at whatever you move to.
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May 11, 2013