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Interests: reading, writing, crocheting, coloring, arts and crafts, quiet evenings at home, good coffee and quality time with my family....., time out on the patio good books
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Call me crazy, but I use cloth napkins at every meal. I know many of my friends who proclaim the goodness and simplicity of paper goods, still, I take pleasure in setting my own table with cloth napkins and so I do, ( and have the laundry to show for it!). A pretty table can make meal time a celebration of just coming together to share fresh food. More than most families, we spend a lot of time at home recharging our batteries, and so I look to make the everyday special, wherever I can. During the summer I string... Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2014 at Special Needs Mom
Zoe is turning 12.. and yes, a part of me used to only hope to reach this milestone, yet here we are! Truly a time to celebrate! Since Zoe's birthday coincides with the start of summer, I thought I would create a patio garden that was easy to reach and maintain and that would be fun to care for- and from this came the idea for an interactive fairy garden. Flowers still need to be added around the border, but we will do that together next week. For now, check out her fun fairy garden! Here are some other up... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2014 at Special Needs Mom
Standing at my bookshelf, my fingers follow the worn, familiar feeling of my books, old friends that I have forgotten. There are books of poetry, art and religion; books on growing things and making things; books on building business; books of dreams once pursued. Mysteries, memoirs and fiction that used to carry me far, far away. I have come here now for a book of recipes, yet still, I am drawn to the now-dusty books about parenting. A shelf that started with a copy of What to Expect When Your Expecting and was filled to overflowing when the unexpected happened.... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2014 at Special Needs Mom
I can totally hang content at home.. the older I get the more nervewracked I get being away.. I binged on House Of Cards, havent touched Downtown Abbey or Mad Men.. maybe I should? I am a total audiobook junky though! I just clicked on this blog update as it was featured on Typepad Showcase page, right above mine! cool- hang strong with the solo parenting.. oh and how was the good readers author marketing thing- ( saw your facebook note!) it sounded intriguing.. take care! See you at BlogHer!
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Inspired by Heather King and her awesome Just Write movement.. All night long, we heard the wind. The wind here wasn’t taking lives, uplifting homes breaking apart families and stealing security, it was just blowing dust, sweeping the desert floor of dried branches, cleaning house. And when the wind whipped the loudest, Zoe called for me, over and over and so I would soothe her back to sleep and then stumble again back to my own bed, the comfort of my pillow and the warmth of my husband. It is spring in the desert, a few days almost summer like.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2014 at Special Needs Mom
"Are you OK, Mommy?" Zoe's face is flushed from her bath and glistens with drops of water. Her eyes follow mine while she waits for me to answer. While wrapping the towel behind her, I pull her face to mine, our noses touch and I steal a kiss. She is still watching me, waiting, and yet when I look again, I am stuck in time. I see her lips with her little girl pout from long ago and her hair in gentle waves, when it barely used to brush her shoulders, before the trendy middle school style of straight and... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2014 at Special Needs Mom
It has been almost ten years since my first visit to the Cleveland Clinic, when we first and finally found a diagnosis for my daughter Zoe. Less than 2 years later, we returned, to discover that Zoe’s big sister had the same metabolic disorder. That is when the scientific study of genetic medicine made my decision for me, I would have no more babies. We never planned to have more kids, but we were so happy as a family, we never really planned not to. My husband was 50 when our first daughter was born, and he was thrilled to... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2014 at Special Needs Mom
“ Can I die, Mom?” my daughter Zoe asks. She is standing in her walker, pausing, with one hand on her hip, in a perfect petulant tween pose. Her hair, middle school trendy, straight and long, flows over one shoulder onto the front of her graphic t-shirt. I take all of this in, how good she looks as Zoe’s eyes meet mine. She is searching my face as if this is an easy question and the answer should be floating through the air, on it’s way back to her by now. Why is she is asking me this? I wonder.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 13, 2014 at Special Needs Mom
Thanks Allison.. absolutely.. it's amazing the way they can inspire.
You too Rose? Oh how our kids inspire us!
Thanks so much Vikki for stopping by- hope you are surviving all the snow!
Thanks Charissa for stopping by-it's great to see all the awesome promise!
“ Mom, when I grow up I want to be a nurse so I can help people.. " Mommy, will you teach me everything you do, so I know how to be a good Mom?” “Someday, I’ll drive a big car like this ..” My daughter Zoe has been telling me these things since the age of 6 or 7, when her ability to simply exhale and tell me what she was thinking , finally arrived. Her words, still slow with awkward stops and starts, were a gift I so desperately desired. The doctors had assured me the day would... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2014 at Special Needs Mom
When my husband and I were newly married, and our life with no kids- still streamlined and slow, we had plenty of time to dream about the family we would grow. It was the start of one holiday season, when the Sears Christmas Wish book arrived, that we got to talking about holiday traditions. In his family, his Uncle dressed up as Santa Claus every Christmas Eve. With tears in his eyes and sometimes laughter, my husband told me story after story. How the children would squeal and the adults join in, as Santa hand pulled gift after gift ,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 18, 2013 at Special Needs Mom
Thanks Traci, and thanks for stopping by. Wishing you and your family a beautiful Holiday season!
Thanks Kim.. so nice to know my words are appreciated. Am grateful! :)
I sat down today with pen and paper, to reflect and record what I am truly thankful for this Thanksgiving. Most of my notes I email; notes to the teacher, quick questions to the doctor, reminders to my husband, even fun notes to my girls. Maybe it is the absence of handwritten notes today that generates such emotion and contributes to the viral fame with notes of shame left on restaurant receipts, anonymous notes left in the neighbor's mailbox or on car windows. In honor of the holiday season, and in effort to spread some holiday cheer, here is my... Continue reading
Posted Nov 26, 2013 at Special Needs Mom
Somebody is smiling because she helped win a cake at the Harvest Festival cake walk! We made a great team and had fun.. like every holiday, celebrations are about what works for your family. Read my Halloween story about The Gift Of A Pumpkin, here at, and my tips for how to find your own Halloween fun. I had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with the Queen herself as she inspired the audience at the BlogHer convention this summer. Queen Latifah was emceeing the BlogHer Voice Of The Year celebration, and she did an amazing job honoring the readers... Continue reading
Posted Oct 27, 2013 at Special Needs Mom
“ I sit and listen to parents and grandparents describe the texture of their days as they sit next to their tiny babies, wiling them to be okay. I recognize the same look in the faces of mother after mother, the fear,-the not-knowing, the worry, the pure exhaustion.” - Ready For Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood by Kate Hopper. This look Kate Hopper describes, I have worn many times. And so have the mothers I share space with- at hospitals, therapy appointments and doctor’s offices, women that like Kate, unexpectedly find they are dealing with their own illness, a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2013 at Special Needs Mom
So nice to hear this hit home with me. When I sit down to write, it is the moments that turn into stories we weave together. It was a good reminder for me, and I am so happy you found sameness here!
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2013 on Splashing In The Rain at Special Needs Mom
Lisa, so sweet to hear she got to splash today! life has a funny way of slowing us down. Thanks for reading this and for sharing my blog & facebook page! have a great day with your sweetie!
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2013 on Splashing In The Rain at Special Needs Mom
It is bedtime, and my daughter Zoe, fresh from her bath, is heading to the kitchen table for her nightly medicine and dessert. She is tired, I can tell, by the slow way her legs come together, causing a clumsy and uneven gait. Step by step, she makes her way pulling her walker behind her. She moves forward to the promise of cookies and milk, humming her way down the hall. Maybe it it is the break in the hot Arizona weather, the cool breeze, or the beauty of our backyard desert sky, but something is calling to me. So... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2013 at Special Needs Mom
I know I’m not alone. I get smiles in solidarity, hear the groans at the local Starbucks, and share the frazzled Mom look of yoga pants, messy hair and tired eyes. It’s called back to school shock. While some Moms are dancing in their driveways, Mom’s like me are charting lists, emailing teachers, staying up late to prep and rising early, just to guzzle down some coffee before the stressful start of the school morning begins. Our kids struggle with back to school-from getting out the door in the morning to falling asleep at night - and often every school... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2013 at Special Needs Mom
Your welcome- take care and thank you