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The Futurist, Do you have any plan to write in-depth analysis on future of media and impact of new media on politics, culture and other areas of society? In area of politics, when I examine elections of last few cycles (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010), it seems nature of politics is being changed in fundamental ways. Moreover it seems the change is slowly accelerating. I find it amusing when I encounter incidences where politicians with old understanding of media do not catch up to new reality and react surprisingly (e.g. Rep. Bob Etheridge). I think it's fascinating that new media play a major role in sustaining and growing citizen movements such as Tea Party. In area of culture, I am watching carefully the impact of Google TV and similar products. Once average users can easily access internet contents through TV and production of films/programs become cheaper to the point where talented individuals have real chance of competing against major production companies, I think these two and other factors will impact culture in enormous ways. I hope to read more of your thoughts on this topic.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2010 on Taxation and Recession at The Futurist
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Oct 25, 2010