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Never has a blog post resonated more with me. I very rarely attend meetings these days - if I ever go in to a meeting room, it's for 5 minutes to sort out an issue that I don't want to discuss in a public forum. Saying that, I'm a ruthless contractor, with very little patience for politics, and I put very little stock in the likes of project management and middle management. Middle management should only get involved if someone isn't pulling their weight, or consistently take a long time to achieve goals or complete work. It's very rare that anyone will gain anything from the meetings that are held at many of my client's offices. I usually politely decline, and provide a concise update via email or verbally. What makes me laugh more than anything is seeing a middle manager who spends their entire life in meetings, who achieves very little except maybe make themselves feel "in the loop"... when in fact, the information gained is relatively useless to them. Honestly... I see people in meeting after meeting, who still can't answer questions presented to them relating to the supposed subject matter discussed.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2012 on Meetings: Where Work Goes to Die at Coding Horror
Ahhhh, a fellow metal head :) Not yet seen Tron Legacy, I'm still pretty excited about it :)
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