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Yay freedom of expression. However, if you let a forum be a free-for-all, with no moderation, you don't get freedom of expression. When someone particularly unpleasant starts to dominate discussions, lead them somewhere unrelated to the topic of the site, abuse other users, and so on, more polite people simply stop discussing anything in that forum because there is no place for them there. The forum has been taken over, and usually people aren't even discussing the original topic anymore, just screaming out their own pet points above the din. I'll defend your right to say whatever you want, as long as you express your point as an argument and don't go off on tangents where you personally insult everyone who doesn't instantly agree.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2011 on Suspension, Ban or Hellban? at Coding Horror
Congrats! He's adorable! (Bonus for fuzziness!) It gets even more fun from here on... I was struck by how little, even in my thirties, I knew about the physical nuts-and-bolts process past sperm meets egg. Even in circles where you can talk about pretty much anything, details about fertility and childbirth just seem impolite/weird to talk about. Even in a no moon-goddess, purely practical engineering sort of way. Then occasionally, someone takes you aside and whispers about a miscarriage or fertility problems or feeling ashamed that they didn't feel this instant connection to their kid or turn into instasoccermom to whom nothing else matters, and it seems really sad that they're supposed to keep quiet about it. On the parenting side, there seems to be a new child rearing theory every week. Common sense has been of the most use to us, though. As you seem to have that in spades, I think your kid has lucked out.
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In the wintertime I've got a Muyschondt Aeon, tiny flashlight, damn bright: Also found some fantastic small stainless steel clips: Available here:
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2010 on What's On Your Utility Belt? at Coding Horror
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