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Renewing this series is a bad idea. If you were at the game you know it was worse in the stands than it was on the field even before the brawl. This is going to come out one sided but the FIU fans came to that game with a chip on their shoulder and had no interest in watching the game. The fights were EVERYWHERE. It was worse than any game I've been to including VaTech, UF, FSU, WV and other bad ones and I've been a season ticket holder my whole life. Bad idea.
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Herald headline was promising start, say what? Did you all go and see the practice? The offense looked horrible. The only reason Tannehill's numbers were what they were was because of the middle screens / dump offs which were too many. QBs didn't have time and they weren't attacking down the field. When they did, balls were dropped. This was not a performance by a team ready to make that "leap". Let's hope we improve fast. Oh, and next time the opposing team let's us set up every drive in the redzone let me know. Not trying to be negative but wow they looked bad. The Defense looked solid again.
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I stopped subscribing to SI when they called for UM to drop football and if you are a Cane you should've done the same. I won't even go to I even read that crappy ESPN the Mag which shows the depth of what I will do to avoid SI.
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We got a shot! If Golden gets this kid he's a rainmaker. How about Duke giving up his number and Malcolm doing his things. These are kids that care about the U and the kind of kids that are the U. Tracy, U do whats best for U but remember the U is family and your other family is down the street. Mom and Pops are close by. Go Canes
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I love the news that the U has locked down Coach Golden. He's doing things the right way and we will be winning soon. I find it funny how the media questioned coach since he got here on whether he was leaving, on whether Miami is a destination job, etc. Now, they are questioning the length of the extension. It's comical. We have a young, up and coming coach that wants to be here at the U for the long haul. This is something we've always wanted. A hot, young coach that was already being mentioned for other big job but would rather build something here. And what coach would we have replaced him with especially with NCAA cloud. I love Coach Golden, his fire and how engaged he is on the sidelines. Do U all see him working the refs. Huge cry from Mr Folded Arms who would watch the game 40 yards away. I applaud the U for taking action and I laugh at the media that will spin this cause they have nothing else to talk about until Lebron laces up again.
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Exactly! Us diehard fans couldn't have said it any better! What great memories I had growing up watching Alonzo and Melvin Bratton. Go Canes!!!!!
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Aug 9, 2011