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Happy Birthday AJ! Fun and fast WOD today.
Hope you're having a great Birthday Cari. Fun workout even at 6AM.
Happy Birthday Tiffany! Nice workout -- every b-day WOD should have a few goblet squats.
Happy b-day Scuba. My some prime number back will hurt after this one. Stanimal
What can I say after the 6AM workout... Chin back!
Happy birthday Dre! Fun doing your birthday workout with you at 6 am. Have a great time snowboarding.
Happy belated Birthday Cari! I dropped into Crossfit East Village in San Diego and did your workout. 24:42 solo. Stanimal
Happy Birthday Derek! You couldn't leave the 30lb wall balls alone could you? Enjoy your day.
@home 24:42 115lb, 20 kg KB -- 28:13 in January
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Am fortunate to be part of such a dedicated and supportive team of athletes and simply great people. Stanimal
Great job Derek! It's a good sign you could smile at the end.
Roeper, I'm guessing that can't be more FUN with a 50# slam ball?
Today's WOD @ City Park by the lake. 19:24 - 16KG KB Somewhere between a 150 & 200M run. The geese looked scared... Stanimal
Happy Birthday Dre! Welcome to the FRCF 40 and only getting better club.
Becca, a little late, but Happy Birthday! Couldn't make it to the gym but tried to stay in the spirit at home. Hope you had a great day. 1000M Run (checked distance after...) 32KG (2x16KG KB) Kettlebell Front Squats Pull ups 32KG (2x16KG) Romanian KB Deadlifts Toes to bar 3 X squats 140 Single Jump Rope Step jumps (3 steps) 1000M Run 27:10
Happy Birthday Larry! I really do agree with Utah- reps. should be based on how old/young you look. You're a great example of how keeping in shape keeps you young. Have a great birthday!
Happy Birthday Tao! Hope to see you 6AM Wed. Looking forward to at the least the running part of the WOD.
At home - 57:29. In respect and honor of the troops and their families.
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Apr 28, 2010
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Apr 28, 2010