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Funny thing my Aunt was up from GA and my mom asked me to bring up some of the old pictures that my dad gave me. After looking after looking at the pictures I got out the book my dad gave me. Yes it's the Cone family book. It was his mom's Alice Hall, Her moms Hattie Cone. I was looking up something as we are playing Hartford VT in football tomorrow. Hatties dad was George Edwin Cone his dad was Morris Cone and his Dad was Thomas Cone. Thomas move up the river from Springfield MA to Winchester NH and the family spread up the river to Randolph VT. In that I Found that Morris Nephew Lyman Cone fought in the 5th NH in the civil war. Wounded at Antietam and mustered out October 29th. Lots of good stuff in it but only goes to 1901 and we must be nice to one another you might be kin folk. Cones have been around since the late 1660's Have a great weekend all let me know if I can help some how.
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Sep 24, 2010