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Sam Shergill
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Guys and Girls, It has been a while since I've written on Juicy and shared some musical love. This is mainly because I've started at University. So, I've been settling into my new place and I'm still in the midst... Continue reading
The man who kept England in the World Cup! The togetherness and passion of the team got them through! Fabio Capello states, " I feel as if I've got my team back." C'MOOOONNN ENGLAND!!! Sam XD Continue reading
Daniel Radcliffe has landed his new role in a remake of a war classic, "All Quiet on the Western Front." This movie is going to be BIG. It won the best picture academy Award and the director, Lewis Milestone, took... Continue reading
Great song to hear whilst your on that dance floor! Warning: expect this to be killed over the Summer!! Sam XD Continue reading
Our very own talented British actor, Dominic Cooper, has made it to the Daily Hottie. And rightfully so, check out his sexy smile! He has been in many classics such as Oscar winning, " An Education" and "The Dutchess" His... Continue reading
This is the fifth studio album from Jack Johnson and although it has been anticipated by his ever-declining following, it seems to be the same old JJ! His last album, " Sleep through the Static," was very much the same... Continue reading
The legendary character, Homer from thee most famous animated series, "The Simpsons" has topped all other characters in a recent poll to decide, "The Best Character from TV and Blockbuster over the past 20 years." The Joker, Batman, Carrie Bradshaw,... Continue reading
Are you as excited as I am? Vote on our poll - Jacob or Edward?? Continue reading
Yes, that right. All you Skins fans will be happy to know that the writers of the hit TV series are taking the program to the Box Office. This successful series has had around 2.0 million viewers that tune in... Continue reading
Our Cheryl has announced today that she has filed for a "Quickie" divorce. They announced their divorce in February, but it was taking too long. She agreed to let him keep the 6 million pound Mansion to speed things up.... Continue reading
Star of the movie "500 Days of Summer" - If you've not seen this one, get on it. It's a hilarious outlook on relationships, done in a very clever and innovative way. Great soundtrack too!! Continue reading
If anyone has been watching the end of the series online, then you know how dramatic and intense the last episodes of series 6 are. Without any spoilers, just brace yourself for the most gripping experience of your life. There... Continue reading
This guy is not just hot but daang he can sing too! The top picture shows Paolo looking sexy and slick on the red carpet at Giogio Armarni's debut for Milan's Mens Fashion this season. Continue reading
Marvin from JLS definitely stands out for me. All of them are very unique and handsome looking, but our Marvin wins best torso! They were extremely successful gaining two number 1's in the 09! Somehow I don't think Olly Murs... Continue reading
We were first introduced to this loud, unpleasant young rebel with her release, "Tik Tok," which I believe to be a very successful track and i must admit that I was a big fan. It seems that although she lacks... Continue reading
Looks like I'm not the only one who is broke for this years! Arnie is apparently having finance problems and is having to cut down on his spending for this years christmas! Strange to think this old looking man used... Continue reading
Jude Law is looking like he's back in shape and is looking dappa than ever at the Sherlock Holmes at Alice Tully Hall At Lincoln Centre in New York. We can see the Transformation of Jude and his co-stars Robert... Continue reading
Girls and Gays brace yourself for some more antics from the NYC queens. Its being released on 3rd june in UK. I'm looking forward to the soundtrack more! Continue reading
Lady Gaga has revealed that she has spent the advance from her new album, "Monster" on buying a new heart for her father. About a week ago, Gaga tweeted that her father, Joseph had undergone open heart surgery. "He is... Continue reading
Just finished watching an awful documentary, "Sarah Harding in 24 hours". Sarah, the Blonde one in Girls Aloud, who puts on the party girl type attitude. From this documentary, you don't really learn much about her, apart from the fact... Continue reading
Just listening to the acoustic version of the album from FrankMusik, "Complete Me" and it is 10 times better than the original version, which is full of unnecessary electro and mediocre sounding pop. Quite FRANKly, all he needs is his... Continue reading
Gino has been crowned this years winner of I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here! The winner of the reality TV show was forced to eat rotten egg, cockroaches, a crocodile's tongue and rhino beetles to win some grub... Continue reading
After receiving so many tributes for the wonderful Maggie Jones I thought it would be nice to relive some of her character Blanches finest moments... Blanche was the most loved character on Coronation street! She was renowned for her dark... Continue reading
Elements of Freedom is the brand new album from New York's most talented singer/songwriter. Her success is well deserved and we have seen how she progresses from record to record to not just create something thats good for the moment,... Continue reading