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Interests: My interests are ecology, biology, science history, folklore and mythology, photography, and people and animal watching.
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I'm a little late to this discussion too, but since my perspective is somewhat different than a lot of the commenters on the original post, I'll chime in. I use my blog as a project documentation tool, rather than as a way of connecting socially. The blog format is excellent as a spatial and temporal documentation system because of the internal categorization and linking, and chronological record-keeping. (I should think this has business applications too, far beyond a blog's use as a marketing tool.) I'd like to see this aspect of blogging software emphasized. For example, being able to access a list of "related posts" (by category perhaps) from the icons in the "compose post" window, then select from among that, and add the selections as links to the end of the current post without having to go back through the post list and look up the permalinks one by one, would be really helpful. Newspaper and journal Web sites often do this and it makes it much easier for readers to explore the wealth of a blog than simply clicking on category headings. Especially if you're a new reader to a site that has been around for a long time, it's a nice road map that makes you feel like someone is looking out for you as a visitor.
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