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Ok, I apparently live under a rock, so I apologize in advance if this is not new to anyone but me. I was flipping through the channels and came across a Veteran's Day concert. Keith Urban was singing...Lonestar songs? No, it really wasn't him, but it was Lonestar and their "new" lead singer, Cody Collins. He bares a striking resemblance to Keith. I dug up some pictures to compare. MySpace Access Hollywood Check out this video with him singing "Amazed". He even sounds a little like Keith. Continue reading
Rumors have been circulating about the recent announcement of Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus' divorce. The new "Us Weekly" is reporting that Mrs. Cyrus had an affair with rocker and reality show star Bret Michaels! Kevin Mazur/ An inside source told the magazine that while Bret was recording his duet "Nothing To Lose" with Miley Cyrus in February, he was also making music behind the scenes with Tish. Billy Ray was completely in the dark about it. Reps for both Bret and Tish deny the allegations, but the inside source to Us Weekly says, "It was a professional relationship that... Continue reading
Woody...err I mean Taylor Swift had a rather interesting interview when she visited The Late Show With David Letterman last night. The talk show host told her she smelled like "expensive wood". She was a little surprised by his comments and went on to say that she grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. Taylor was there to promote her new album, Speak Now. Take a look at a clip from the interview below. Posted by Guest Blogger: Staci M. Continue reading
The video for Joey+Rory's new song has been released. "That's Important To Me" is the second single from their sophomore album, Album Number Two, which was released last month. I also just learned that Joey+Rory have a daughter who also sings. Her name is Heidi Feek and she recently released an EP of country/folk songs. You can learn more about her here. Posted by Guest Blogger Staci M. Continue reading
That's the word around the campfire. On Taylor's upcoming album, Speak Now, the girl who isn't afraid to tell on boys in songs has at least 2 songs that are seemingly about someone after a relationship gone sour. "Back To December" seems like it could be an apology to her Valentine's Day co-star Taylor Lautner, with whom she had a brief relationship with last year, and then there's "Dear John". Although it's not about a relationship, we also can't forget "Innocent", which was written about Kanye West after the whole VMA incident. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Taylor was rumored to have... Continue reading
If you missed Trace Adkins on Chelsea Lately on October 10th, you can check it out below. I always thought Trace was super-serious all the time, but he's actually pretty funny! In the interview he explains how he upset Matthew McConaughey and how he considers Blake Shelton an animal! Posted by Guest Blogger Staci M. Continue reading
From teeny-bopper pop magazines to Glamour, Taylor Swift has been on magazine cover after magazine cover. That trend is nowhere near finished. You will next see her on the cover of PARADE Magazine. In the October 24th issue, Taylor will talk about her love life, writing songs about boys, being an outsider, and growing up, among other things. Here is a sample of the interview where Taylor describes how she once stalked a fan in Nashville. “I was driving near the mall and I saw this girl with my tour T-shirt on. She was probably 11. I made a U-turn... Continue reading
Photo by Kevin White The latest country act to get sp[OIL]ed is none other than Gloriana. Gloriana has joined the sp[OIL]ed Campaign to raise awareness and much-needed funds for industries affected by the Gulf Oil Spill. Group member Tom Gossin revealed on the band's web site, "We are proud to be a part of this campaign to try and help out the workers and wildlife affected by the oil spill. The possible long-term effects could be detrimental. It's important that we continue to aid Louisiana's recovery." Other country artists to get sp[OIL]ed include Colt Ford, Sammy Kershaw, Zac Brown Band,... Continue reading
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Oct 15, 2010