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Great thoughts. Being a parent is not like something else at all. 60 things we’ve said to one or more of our children: - What do you mean you’re still hungry - Don’t touch that, it’s hot - Go to bed, I’m tired - Don’t step in that - Did you step in that - I told you it was hot - Leave your brother alone - Ew, go wipe that off - Get that out of your mouth - Stop it - Okay what happened - Does that belong on the floor, I don’t think so - Put that down - Could you just stop talking and eat your dinner - Get over here - Get over there - How did the macaroni get in your nose - Don’t wipe that on me - Where did all this water come from - Stop it, that’s disgusting - What is that on your clothes - How would you like it if I did that to you - Is that television still on in there - Okay go get the Band-aids - Let’s play the quiet game - What do you have in your mouth - Is something burning - Why are my shoes in the bathtub - No, dogs don’t like trampolines - Get back in this house right now - Are you trying to kill yourself or what - That’s not funny - Go wash that off - Wait, you’re going to jump off of what - Don’t come crying to me, you started it - Yes I heard you the first time - Don’t do that at the table - Pick that up and put it back where it belongs - What is that on your face - Did you hear what I just said - Don’t put things in your nose - Put that back we’re about to eat dinner - What did I just tell you - What. Did. I. Just. Tell. You. - Don’t throw that in the house - Where are your pants - Stop that you’re getting food everywhere - Get away from the street - Close the door - It’s okay you’re not bleeding anywhere - Alright who did this - It’s green beans, you like green beans, they’re good - What did you say to me - Let go of that, he was playing with it first - Get back in bed - What is that smell - But you ate the green beans before - No we’re not having cake for dinner - What is that in your hair - If I have to come back up those stairs again
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Apr 7, 2010