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Hi Wil. Not sure if you will ever see this, but you aren't alone in your frustrations with the entertainment industry's attitude to torrenting. Have you seen the latest from the Counting Crows? They are offering a torrent download of tracks from their new album. The email they send out if you select to receive them is very much in the same vein as your thinking about torrenting being misunderstood with an additional commentary about the industry not respecting their client base.
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I read gamepolitics comments the same way you did. I am a gamer, and a New Zealander so many of the smaller game advocates in America (ECA? Gamepolitics?) don't speak loudly enough for us to hear them here. I consider you to be a pillar of game advocacy and few organisations or people (with the possible exception of Penny Arcade who as we all accept are under an entirely different standard) does more for advocating gaming than you do. The only defense I can think of for not knowing your contributions is not knowing anything about gaming or game advocacy. Perhaps gamepolitics thinks that keynotes at PAX are like preaching to the choir (and chooses to disregard all the rest of your work?). If so, gamepolitics clearly cannot work the internet, because the glory of sites like youtube is their acceptance by even the computer illiterate, meaning that even those who have never heard of Johnathan Coulton or PAX will eventually watch "Jonathan Coulton serenades Wil Wheaton at PAX 2009" and say to themselves, "this Wil Wheaton guy seems awesome, what else has he done?" Summery: it's ok Wil, just because one guy has been living in a cave, most of the rest of the gamers of the world appreciate you (barring the dicks and dickwolves who are a bit sullen) and your work, and you have influenced many non gamers towards if not gaming then game acceptance because of your dedicated and unstinting efforts in gamer advocacy. We continually honour you for a reason. I have to admit to being a bit saddened by gamerdad insisting that you couldn't use that term; while I totally understand that trademarks work that way, one of the things I love about gamer culture is how inclusive we are. If you had asked me, I would have thought the point was for other gamer dads to relate to what gamerdad is doing, not to alienate them. It's probably jealousy.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2010 on in which wil goes HULK SMASH at WWdN: In Exile
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Sep 11, 2010