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Michael Starritt
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have you seen the new videos/screen shots of Arkham City? they're sweeter than wesley crusher's motherfucking bouffant... and that's saying something
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Dragon's Lair and Fighting Street at the Circus Circus in Reno... my mom was a blackjack dealer, and that's when they used to do .50 pieces for tips... so I had this giant jar full of them... then my mom couldn't find a babysitter so she sat me up at the arcade... big mistake... that jar disappeared in a hurry... phoenix at the boys and girls club... Galaga at the laundry mat... later it would be mortal kombat at the 7-11 across the street... which i beat once with my eyes closed (go go Raiden back, back, forward ayayayAYAYAYAY!)... the mountain mike's across the parking lot got mortal kombat 2 first... which is also when I figured out how to break into the back of video game machines for the quarters >.
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I think another card you would find interesting in the context of this discussion is Agent of Shauku from the Prophecy set. He has an ability that reads 1B, sacrifice a land: target dork gets +2/+0 til end of turn... and the flavor text follows: "Go ahead. Take it. You'll be so very powerful... and what harm can it do?" ...and there are plenty more where that came from. Magic really has a great design team behind each and every set in recent years. Flavor text can be a really hard element to balance properly... but when you find one like Landbind Ritual, it can be fantastically perfect. One of my personal favorite is off of Balshan Collaborator of the Torment set which reads: "Power, gold, crackers--every bird has its price."
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Feb 27, 2010