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David Steadson
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Sep 1, 2011
Hi, Could you clarify a couple of points from the Social Media Dos and Don'ts for me? (1) It says IBOs cannot "provide a link to any product site or sales page not approved by Amway Global." Does that mean it's OK to link to, for example, the Amway Global personalised websites, which ARE approved by AG? (2) It says IBOs cannot "conduct follow-up opportunity or sales messaging in public – message them personally;" However on sites like FaceBook, status updates and comments etc are typically not public - they are only available to, for example, Friends. Thus messages there are neither "public" nor done "personally" and don't appear to be addressed by the guidelines. (3) It seems odd to me that journalists, and for example the "nutrilite sports bloggers" who were flown in to Nutrilite would be allowed, indeed encouraged, to use Amway provided product images, but if say one those bloggers became so impressed by the company they became an IBO ... voila, no longer allowed to use the images. Indeed, any blogger in the world could legally take a photo of an Amway product and post it on their blog or social media page ... but not if they are an IBO. Strange methinks! [Moderator: Thank you for commenting. We're consulting with the Amway Global Rules Dept. and hope to have answers soon.] [Moderator Update: We forwarded your questions to the Rules Department at Amway Global for review and following is their response: 1) Linking from an authorized website to a personal retail website is allowed. 2) Even though status updates and comments on Facebook are viewable only by friends, follow-up conversations about sales or opportunity should be done privately (ie using the private messaging feature versus posting the conversation on a profile page). 3) IBOs are able to use product images provided by the Corporation provided they receive authorization prior to their use.]
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Mar 17, 2010