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Phony Lebron? He's the only reason we lost. He's been nothing but superb against us - he's no phoney - he's the real deal. That was classless. Wade padding his stats in the 4th?? It was even at the start of the 4th! How'd he pad his stats? That was sour grapes no matter how much of a punk he is... As for the C's - It was a sad thing to see but as Doc said, they had nothing left... So proud of them... This core group have given me a lot of joy over the last few years..... Sad to see it end.... :-( Congrats to the Heat but I hope Perk and the Thunder stuff u look a turkey.
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As Doc said 'we've won nothing' - Game 6 is gonna be huge. But having siad that, after the Thunder won in SA I couldn't help thinking about Perk and KG...
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I really hope if KG retires that he's not completely lost to us all. He's a such a unique individual. His passion and knowledge is 2nd to none....
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This lineup is frightening! In an awesome way!
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Jan 25, 2012