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Lanevn, I think this sceptical science article is a good summary regarding this matter: And the one big negative factor seems to be aerosol (global dimming) but it also seems to be one of the least understood factors.
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Ahh and I forgot to mention one perverse mechanism of the "EEG-Umlage". As it is calculated as the difference of power market prices and the guaranteed prices at which you can feed your renewable energy into the market the drop in the market prices has increased this difference and thus increased the "EEG-Umlage".
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2013 on PIOMAS February 2013 at Arctic Sea Ice
>> The renewable energy revolution is well underway. >> Germany generated 26% of its electricity from renewables >> in 2012. > I would not call it "energy revolution" - it is heavily debt-fossil- > fuel-based, in an super rich car-export economy. > NOT a model for most countries, IMHO That's not the point, the point is how heavily it is fought by fossil fuels big money. The point is that co2 emissions are still rising at tremendous speed and that new coal plants are being built even in Germany with planned lifetimes of 40+ years. For the last few years now, lobbyists and their polit puppies have remodelled the german EEG to be a big subsidy mechanism for the big industrial power consumers as they were being freed from the "EEG-Umlage" but profit from dropped prices on the power-market due to more renewable energy on the market. At the same time prices for normal consumers and small businesses have risen tremendously as they had to take over the whole "EEG-Umlage" and did not see a cent from the sunken energy market prices, rather the opposite. And profits of the big power providers have risen to record heights. And if you hear governing politics, lobbyists and most of the big media talking high prices are just the fault of the "renewable energy revolution". And they are really working hard to keep only one good renewable energy source left and that's big offshore windparks which is the most expensive renewable energy, requires high investments for new cable infrastructure and most importantly can only be build by the big power providers. But as they say: Hope dies last
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"Cancer is an unlimited growth of cells. Does earth has cancer?" "Cancer is an unlimited growth of cells starting with just one cell. Does earth has cancer?"
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